TechnoStuffs' Mod

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(REMEMBER, THIS MOD IS IN WIP(Work in Progress))




+ Compressed Iron Block

+ UselIron Block

+ Polished UselIron Block

+ UselIron Fence

+UselIron Fence Gate

+ UselIron Stars

+ UselIron Slabs

+ Light Block



+ Compressed Iron Ingot

+ All Compressed Iron Tools

+ UselIron Ingot

+ All UselIron Tools

+ Lighter (Use only to active Cyber-Verse Portal)

+ Motherboard

+ Memory Board

+ Reactor Extractor

+ TNT Launcher

+ Hand Blade

+ ArmGun

+ Laser

+ Container

+ Power Cell

+ Organometallic Compound

+ Broken Bot Parts

+ Fixed Bot Parts



+ A.C.I.D.



+ PC

+ Printer

+ Suit Stand

+ Charger



+ Peaceful Bot

Peaceful bot

+ Trader Bot


+ Bot/Suit


+ Corrupted Bot




+ Suit (Same as Bot mob)

+ Compressed Iron Armor

+ UselIron Armor



+ Cyber-Verse




+ Cyber Peaceful Biome

+ Cyber Corrupted Biome



Suit Stand

Suit Stand


Flash Drive

Flash Drive





Memory Board

Memory Board








Reactor Extractor

Reactor Extractor


Fixed Reactor


Language Support:

English (US)

Portuguese (BR)



- How do i get the suit?

- First you need to reach to the Cyber-Verse. Then you get some broken bot parts, right-clicking unactived bots ou trading with Traders. So you back to Earth, get a PC and a Flash drive, program a fix code and fix all parts using the coded flash drive, the bots parts and the required elements. Finnaly, you will use a Suit Stand to mount the Suit. When you ended, turn on the Suit Stand to energize the suit using some redstone system connected to it.


- How to get Organometallic Compound?

- Using a PC, boot a Flash Drive coding it with Organometallic Compound Code. Then, you go to a Printer and (with all required elements) start the production.


- How do i get to Cyber-Verse?

- You will make a portal just like the Nether portal, but now you replace obsidians for compressed iron blocks (you find it exploring the Nether) and active using a Lighter.


- How do i find Motherboards?

- While you explore the Cyber-Verse, you will find some villages. Inside those houses, you will find some PCs and Printers. Break then to get some Motherboards.


- How to use the Suit Components?

- Right-Clicking the bot, he will compress itself. Right-Click on it to put on the suit. Press G to use suit guns. Press H to use Suit Hand Blade. Press F to put the suit in Sentinel Mode. (WARNING!! IT'S HIGHLY NECESSARY THAT YOU FREE THE MAIN HAND SLOT AND THE SECOND HAND SLOT BEFORE USING THE SUIT COMPONENTS, IT WILL DESTROY YOUR IN-HAND ITEM)


- How do i get a Reactor?

- With a reactor extractor in inventory, right-click unactived bots to extract it's reactors.


- Can i use this mod in my modpack?

- Of course you can!


- Can i record videos using this mod?

- Of course, but if possible, give credits and post in comments your video link!


- I have more questions!

- Post a comment or write me an e-mail:


Modification files
TechnoStuffs' Mod (1.0.0) 1.6.4_0.jarUploaded on: 02/26/2021 - 05:27   File size: 1.06 MB

Wow, that looks elaborate (i used google translate, maybe this word isn't used in normal speech)!

Your mod says version 1.6.4 and not 1.16.4 so people will be confused and won't download it.