Industry Age

Published by Alex_Corp. on Thu, 05/10/2018 - 17:14
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In development
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This is my first mod :)

Some items is still in beta testing, but i will add in next version of mod.

My mod adds:

1) 5 new ores: copper ore, tin ore, graphite ore, uranium ore and lead ore.

2) New ingots: steel ingot, copper ingot, tin ingot, graphite ingot, uranium ingot and lead ingot.

3) 2 types of armor: steel and bronze

4) 4 new tools: steel sword, steel pickaxe, radioactive sword, laser gun (beta)

5) New dimension (beta)

6) New biom

7) New blocks (half of them still in beta)

8) New mob - evolved zombie!

Modification files

Thanks very much for 10 downloads! I am now working very hard to upgrade this mod!