Mystical Realms

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This mod is just the base, Mystical Realms Dimensions, and Mystical Realms Metals are not included in this mods download, so be sure to go get the other parts.

Other than that, here is the descripion:

Mystical Realms adds in many things including:

  • ​Different automatic bows for all of the metals
  • Copper Ore and its tools, sword, block, ore, and armor. (As well as bow)
  • More diamond weapons including a mace, battle axe, broadsword, and a greatsword
  • A wide assortmant of parts, including nuggets of all of the metals
  • And a secret weapon and ammo

Again, make sure to get the other two parts, or you will miss out on alot of the things in the picture. Links to the other two mods are here:

This group of mods is currently at an overall version of: 1.0.0

This mod has no changelog, as it will not be updated. However, all of the addons and extensions will be constantly updated.

Modification files - The Base for the three part mod of Mystical Realms164.51 KB

do you realize that you can have all three of the downloads on one page for for mod. Where it says upload file just upload all three files. Then people won't need to jump around different pages just to download your full mod.

What happened to my mod I submitted it to mod of the week I log on today and it's gone. Like it was deleted. It had over 20 downloads

I shall so a mod review

Holy crap. I mean, jesus. I just got back from Kentucky because I took part in worlds robotics, and frankly, didn't think to check on my mods. (I'm not going to mention which robotics, because I don't want to give away too much information.) So, i finally remember to do so, and, umm. Jesus. I've never had one of my creations that was actually seen by people, in a good way, (at least on the internet), and this is frankly astounding to me. Also, in this comment I will answer all the questions posed to me above, because I've always believed in fan/customer/commenter support, so I'm going to answer every single question above, and every question posed to me, from now on, no matter how big my mod gets, though I can't promise no delays. So, answers to your questions:

-1st, I did it in three parts, because I didn't have much of a choice, and here's why: I was working on Mystical Realms, the base, and I was at 4.13, working on my start to the Aether Dimension. I finished my latest work, so I went to export and test it. I clicked on the exposit button, and a whole lot of red popped onto my screen, and the crashed MCreator a half second later. When I tried to go back into MCreator, it would't load, and after three hours of trying to recover it, I found that there was no recovery. So, I kept a level head, bumped back to 4.0, and just extended my mod into other parts, in order to continue.

-Also, yes I do realize that I could put them all on one page, however, I decided I would prefer if I didn't have multiple updates in one download strand, because that would get a bit confusing.

-Next, I'm not going to do this in 1.7.10, though it is a great version. This is because I'm staying ahead, since all the big mods are updating, and I decided I might as well do things in advance. Trust me, in about a year, 1.8 will be the go to version.

-Wack plays, I have no answer to that, but I recommend that you take it up with the Pylo staff.

-Lemon Shugarz, Thank you Thank you Thank you. In order to really get this rolling I need mod reviews, so that really means something to me, both in a progressive sense, and in the sense that I think it's amazing that you think my mod is good enough for that. I'm doing a mod showcase to explain everything myself very soon.

-Thank you exploding mods, and trust me, it will get much bigger.

-I agree with you entirely, because in my humble opinion, I think 1.9 is a flop, and takes away from the Minecraft we all used to play before the Microsoft "Encounter".

-Finally, thank you Younnnn.

Also, I'm finalizing Mystical Realms Metals 4.0, so be sure to get it. (Adds Cobalt and Tin)