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Would you like to breed different mobs on your own at least once to create your own farm of experience and loot? If so, this modification is exactly for you. First, you must get the aura of the mob by killing it. Then, at a special station, create blood with DNA elements. By connecting with a loot from the mob itself and an egg, you will get a mob summon egg. This modification is not so dishonest, because the ores for creating DNA Station are quite rare.

Attention! This modification will be refined, improved, and changed during development.

Modification updates will have more balance for fair game!

Modification files
neurocraft0.0.5.jar - Alpha version 0.0.5Uploaded on: 02/28/2020 - 13:32   File size: 148.96 KB
neurocraft0.0.6.jar - Alpha version 0.0.6Uploaded on: 02/29/2020 - 10:38   File size: 151.75 KB
neurocraft0.0.9.jar - Alpha version 0.0.9Uploaded on: 03/19/2020 - 05:15   File size: 187.82 KB


Current first version. No updates)



Textures update.



-Added mythril ore and ingot.

-Machine block and screen recipe changed.

-Added 2 advancements.

You should improve the textures by making it more vanilla-like.
also this mod would be OP if for example I get a pig egg and I found a dungeon with a spawner. I can then replace the spawner mob into pig using the pig egg, and I would have a infinite amount of porkchops and XP