INFINITE: Electronics

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Infinite: Electronics is a tech mod that adds realistic electrical components and machines.

The mod adds:

2 New blocks: [13 w/snapshots]

        Indium Ore

        Germanium Ore

        Dead Wood (Planks, stairs, fence...) [Snapshot]

        Red Phosphoric Netherrack [Snapshot]

        Phosphor Bronze Block [Snapshot]

27 New Items [44 w/snapshots]

22 Advancements [25 w/snapshots]

4 New Crafting Blocks:

         Coin Scrapper

         PCB Milling Machine 

         Recycler [Snapshot]

         Research Table [Snapshot]

Getting Started:

Getting started in this mod is fairly simple. Instead of ore generation to get copper and tin, you need a coin scrapper and some copper and bronze coins. To get them, you need to either kill a zombie, villager, or zombie villager. Zombie villagers yield the highest chance of dropping bronze coins, which when scrapped give 2 tin scrap and 1 copper scrap. Copper coins give 2 copper scrap. An alternative way of getting coins is scrapping gravel which has a random chance of giving a copper or bronze coin. After that you can start crafting components.


This mod is in early development and suggestions are always welcome.


Stay tuned for daily updates!

Modification files
infinite_electronics.jar - 1.15.2 .JAR file (Latest Release)Uploaded on: 03/24/2021 - 21:43   File size: 209.93 KB
infinite_electronics1.1ie02.jar - 1.15.2 .JAR file (Latest Snapshot)Uploaded on: 03/27/2021 - 03:01   File size: 549.95 KB

3/26/2021 10:06PM CST

Release Snapshot 1.1ie02


-Added Phosphor bronze! (And no, it's not a stance)

-Added Phosphor bronze ingot blueprint

-Added Block of phosphor bronze

-Added Phosphor bronze tools and armor (Durability and strength of iron, enchantability and efficiency of gold!)

-Plant? (If you can find it)


-Dead wood does not burn

-OpAmp blueprint and circuit are now rare items

-Redstone adapter blueprint and circuit are now rare items


3/25/2021 5:57PM CST

Release Snapshot 1.1ie01


-Added Tier 2 battery

-Added "Coppertop" Advancement for getting a tier 2 battery

-Added Recycler

-Added "Eco-Friendly" Advancement for getting the recycler

-Added "Recycle the Recycler to Recycle the Recycler..." Advancement for recycling your recycler

-Added Red phosphoric netherrack

-Added Red phosphorus powder

-Added Dead Tree which generates in the Nether

-Added Dead Wood, Log, Planks, Leaves, Stairs, Slab, Fence, and Fence Gate

-Added Research table

-Added OpAmp blueprint

-Added Amplifier circuit

-Added Redstone adapter blueprint

-Added Redstone Adapter


-Changed LED recipe (replaced rose red dye with red phosphorus powder)

-Changed Recipes for the jukebox, daylight sensor, observer, note block, piston, dropper, and dispenser (incorporates the redstone adapter in some way)

-Changed PCB Mill UI to support new blueprints



Release 1.0

Hey everyone, so I am cancelling daily updates because I have ultimately run out of ideas for this mod and might come back to it later. I just haven't had a lot of inspiration for it and if you have any ideas please let me know I'm desperate.


I can't use the mod because my computer doesn't have Minecraft, so I don't know what's included, but gold is a great real life conductor, maybe add some crazy machines (like fireball shooting drones or mechs) where you need gold pieces (like wiring, energy emitters, etc.).