The Paradox Multiverse

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Has minecraft become too boring? Too less ores? Not enough exploration or dimensions? Lack of advanced crafting recipes? Too few enemies?

Well, if that is true, then this is the mod for you! =)


(This mod is undergoing a rewrite, so downloadable content is not 100% complete!)

Welcome to The Paradox Multiverse Mod! This mod features 12 new dimensions to explore, tonnes of helpful ores, new items with recipes, infecting strange matter and new biomes! 

There are basic rift processors which you can craft from Paradoxite and Dimensium. These rift processors can be utilized to create dimensional containers and allow cross-dimensional travel! 

The processors can be upgraded to unlock further dimensions, from basic to upgraded, from ultimate to quantum!

There are also many ores such as the light pearl, firestone, gem of hatred, icemium, copper, tin, uranium, osmium and so on! You can utilize these materials for many uses, such as creating tools and armor as well as machinery!

For more details, look into the tabs below:



1. The Lower Nether:-

This dimension makes the nether seems easy as it spawns all hostile mobs from vanilla and custom mobs that are basically nightmares if you are on hardcore! You may find abandoned buildings and ruins of civilization.

There is soulless sand, hellstone and hell sand everywhere as well as magma and dense magma.

2. World Of Light:-

The world far above the overworld. It has islands, floating villages and castle structures

There are angels and hostile mobs do not spawn. This is a land of peace.

3. Ice Timeline:-

An alternate overworld where the ice age never ended. All stone is frozen-through. Icestone and icemium spawn in this dimension. All water is ice. You may find igloos.

Penguins spawn here as well as polar bears and other mobs of that time. Beware of the mean snowmen!

4. Realm Of Flora:-

Ah, the beautiful flora realm! Trees, flowers and beautiful biomes spawn here! There are special biomes which are quite rare and alot of trees. If you love trees, this dimension is for you!

It is an attractive place to settle down in!

5. Null Dimension:-

Absolutely nothing! A basic dimension made with empty dimensional rift containers!

If you want to play skyblock or build in all directions freely, then this dimension is perfect for you!

6. Sands Of The Universe [Work In Progress]:-

All types of sand as well as special sands spawn in this dimension!

7. Afterverse [Work In Progress]:-

A decaying reality with strange matter. A parallel universe on the brink of end itself. The world has alot of caverns, no trees, no passive mobs, lots of hostile mobs and danger!

8. Nightmare Realm [Work In Progress]:-

Bill Cipher is from here. The Nightmare Realm also known as the darkness dimension is a pitch-black nightmarish dimension full of hostile demons, lost villagers and more hostile demons!

9. The Paradox Multiverse [Work In Progress]:-

The ultimate multiverse where EVERYTHING spawns and all biomes as well as structures appear. It is the place where all biomes intersect. It is an epic place!


Ores And Blocks:



Strange Matter:


What is it?

Strange matter is a thereotical matter from real life science. Basically, this block will consume and convert anything around it into itself. It is a rare item which has a capability to destroy the world, so beware!

It can only be removed used the Strange Matter Remover (SMR).


Other additions:





Download all recipes for this mod here:

There are over 100+ recipes and imgur couldnt take them up, lol.

There are no viruses or ads, it is my official mediafire.




1.11.2:- [0.9.7]

The download is on the bottom of the webpage!

1.10.2:- (Outdated) [0.8.5]

1.7.10:- (Severly Outdated) [0.2.5]

Recipes:- (As of 1.11.2) [0.9.7]


Mod Reviews:-


If you make a mod review for this mod, write it in the comments below and I will pin it!




version 0.9.7b-Patch update:-

-Fixed horrific bug with blank portal

-Added a few crafting recipes

-Fixed crashing with portals

-Buffed down strange matter, to decrease internal server lag

-Removed test block

-Fixed texture for a couple of blocks

-Sorry for the errors dudes =P

version 0.9.7 update-The strange matter update:-

-Added strange matter with custom code and script

-Added many new ores and ingots again

-Added soo many new things!

-Renamed tin ore from tINoRe to Tin Ore (how did I even make that mistake if I graduated english perfectly?)

-Removed Herobrine?

-Remade the mod page, yay!!!!

-Tonns of new recipes

-Added the pink diamond

-Now you can craft the nether star!

version update-The processor update:-

-Added the 4 major processors

-Added the upgraded, ultimate and quantum dimensional rifts and processors

-Added lots and lots of items!

- /give everybody hugs 64

-Added 5 new tabs to clean up stuff

-Cleaned up stuff, removed junk and recompiled

-Repaired severe glitch in flora dimension

-Patched crashing particles of the null dimension portal

version update-The ore update:-

-Finished the first 5 dimensions mostly

-Readded 30 ores and lots of stuff from original concept of 1.7.10

-Added many new items

-Added 3 sets of Armor, 4 sets of tools

-Added the dark stone, dark variants of ores and condensed void!

version 0.9.5 update-The Third Rewrite:-

-Successfully updated to 1.11.2!

-Oh boy, rewritten all code again!

-Goodbye school lol

-Nothing much added

version 0.8.5 update-The Great Return Of 2017:-


-After the fifth corruption/lost of files, I have returned to this mod!

-Combined lower nether, hell and nightmare dimensions into Nightmare's realm.

-Nightmare's realm is almost complete 

-Combined lands of forgotten, afterverse and inverted worlds into Afterverse universe.

-Created Realm of flora.


-Combined sky with light universe into Light dimension.

-Ice timeline is almost complete!!!

-Readded dimensium

-Added paradoxium

-Added unstability gem with ore

-Readded light tools

-Added first ever animated texture for unstability gem

-Textured all sands for sands of the multiverse

-Reorganized plans and the page

-Added super-hard container!!!

- Most rifts are available and openable

-Mod available (finally, yeesh!!!)

- Sky dimension rift is fine CORRUPT. DONT create it or RIP world. I am not responsible btw....

version 0.8.3 update- Filed=lost

-RIP my pc

-RIP my sleep

-Redoing the mod. I hope i succeed at something at this point.

version 0.8.2 update-The Dimension-ey update


-Added 3 new dimensions which are sky, lower nether and blank dimension!!!

-Added blocks for all materials

-Bugs patched

-Added reinforced glass

-Added 10 new blocks for lower nether dimension!!! It is complete!!!!

-The 2 other dimensions are heavily WIP

-The lower nether dimension loads too slow on 1gb of ram!!! Beware, 32-bit computers!!!! (sorry =/)

-I shall make the mod great again!!!!!!!!

-I love all of you guys!!!!!!!

-Removed Test dimension

version 0.7.5 update-The 1.10 update

-Publicly released for 1.10!!!!

-Mod page updated

-Mod changed from ores and materials to technology and science fiction


- Added new dimension rift containers!!! I plan to add new dimensions in the next update

-Added obsidian ingot, nugget and a couple of other small things

-Added rift core

-Changed ALL crafting receipes

version 0.7 update:

-It is now stable!!! I added blocks and a whole new set of items

-Added light pearl

-Added light ore

-Added light sword, pickaxe,axe as well as shovel

version 0.6.5 update:

- Early unstable alpha with rift containers and dimensium ores

version 0.6 update:

- It is back with a much better quality and idea. The rift mod idea has been merged back into this mod for a much better experience =)

version 0.5 update:

-Mcreator stopped working. I am sick of it so I abandoned this mod.

version 0.4 update:

-Re-added most things

version 0.3.5 update:

-LOST ALL MOD FILES!!!!!!!! =( WHYYYYYY??? ='(

version 0.2.6 update:

-added lots of things, LOTS OF THINGS


While I was gone, somehow my mod was noticed and became the mod of the week. All I can say is thank you, thank you and hurray!!!! =D.

I am actually legit suprised 0.0.

I will be rewriting the mod in the next couple of days.

version 0.25 update:

-added sands tab

-added liquids tab

-added liquid redstone and liquid glowstone

-added a couple of new gems

-recompilation due to glitches and conflicts

-added test gui

-added brass tools and pickaxe

-added a broad iron sword

-added obsidian nuggets,liquid,ingot

-added rusted iron[HD]

-added easter egg(currently glitching)

-added lightwood floor(hd)

-added darkwood floor(hd)

-added pebbles(can be dropped from grass or crafted)

-added white and black dye

-added ray gun from call of duty(test)

version 0.24-update-hd blocks update 1

-added 3 new hd blocks

-updated forum page


-removed transparent sand for being invisible

version 0.23 update

-fixed xray glitches

-removed testblockhd

-removed goldenskeleton

-removed cloud block

-minor additions

version 0.22-update-hell update

-added reinforced glass

-removed testglass

-added hell dimension

-added hell lighter

⇒version 0.21 update-recompilation and removal update


-removed test items and blocks

-removed debug block

-removed paraxodium ore

-added diamond apple

-added iron apple

-added new receipes

-removed useless items and receipes

version 0.20-the ore update

-added 35 new ores!!!!

-added 16 new ingots

-added alot of gems

-added osmium

-added grass-like dimension

-added debug block

-added goldenskeleton

-added cloud block

-failed to add custom models, i need someones help!

-added fluid1

-added many new items

-added alot of receipes

-added tabletsWIP

-added phoneWIP

-added grass-like dimension(currently birch)

-fixed crash due to paradoxium

-plans to add a final boss to dimension-paradox dimension to make it epic

-renamed mod to" paradox ores and dimensions" from "paraxoid items"

-renamed paraxoid lighter and dimension to paradox lighter and dimension

version 0.19

-removed herobrine

version 0.18

-fixed a crash glitch and renamed some items

version 0.17

-added first ores

-added easter egg ore

-added tablet_test

-added paraxoid dimension and lighter

vesion 0.16

added amethyst and a couple of ores

-added dark ores

version 0.15

-plans change from small to large mod

version 0.14

-noone but me now wants to develop it. So I will develop it my own self

version 0.13

-added and removed tardis due to glitches,crashes and model problems =(

-plans to add this mod to a russian/ukrainian server

version 0.12

-happy birthday to me

-deleted old mod for 1.6.4

version 0.11

-TheSilverWolf,MashaPlaysMinecraft,SniperGod69 and GammaRayGuy no longer help us

-change of admins

-renamed mod from minecrap 1.6.4 to paraxoid mod 1.7.10

-removal of most of the mod and textures because they want to keep their textures =(

version 0.10

-change of mod from rpg-focused to technology/generation-focused

-change of schools so we wont see our mods and bros

-removed shields

version 0.09 

-update to 1.6.4 from 1.5.2

-added future tabs

-removed 99999 damage sword for being waaaaay toooo op

-removed super armor for being waaaay yo op

-removed $h*7block for offensive reasons

-removed toilet for being absolutely useless

-removed autism potion

-removed computer block for being useless


-added shiels

-removed test-ore

version 0.05

-added a hell lotta stuff

version 0.02

-added basic mod items

-mod made public

version 0.01

-added test items

-created old version of this page

version 0.00

-hello world


Other Stuff:-


Old thumbnails:-

Mod of the week (2016) twice:-

Over 4.2+k downloads for 1.7.10, over 530+ downloads for 1.10.2 and 300+ downloads for minor releases:-

My Other mod called The Rift Mod+ had merged into this mod:-

We were mentioned in the 2016 recap of mcreator!!!

We are considered as one of the biggest mods made with mcreator in 2017:- O.O

My Channel for updates on the mod and all else:-




Please do not upload my mod without permission. Do not claim it as your own mod, okay? =)

The mod was created with mcreator which is developed by pylo and inspired by countless other mods. 

I give permission to make mod reviews of this mod, just DO NOT forget to credit me and ofcourse, Pylo developers =P!!!

If you want to use this mod in a modpack, write it in the comments, so I can see which modpack it is =)

And lastly: I am not responsible for damage to your minecraft world by using this mod.


Anyways, thank you all for the overwhelming support for this mod! I love y'all! Thank you! 

Leave suggestions below and put a great rating if you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Modification files
paradoxmultiversemod_1.11.2.jar - 1.11.2 [0.9.7b-patch] (Latest)Uploaded on: 06/04/2017 - 14:26   File size: 1.16 MB

@#1 Hey got a cool idea. Sorry I can't test your mod right now, minecraft continues crashing... Ok always could you make a Dark Stone dimension? The Dark stone can be mined with iron or more. The portal is made of dark stone (from Overworld) crafted from 1 stone and 2 ink sacs (or whatever you want). The grass will be gray and the sky black. And make a dark guard mob that is neutral and a dark biter that spawns in dark dungeons and have 100HP and is slow. It is a boss. The dark stone armor gives you protection like a diamond but durability like leather. Make also a dark stone set of swords, pickaxes, axes, shovels, and hoes. They have the durability of stone but are efficient as iron. And the sword haves a 5% to effect the mob hitten with poison, and 1% wither. Make a dark stone bow that shoots 2 arrows at once. Create dark wood trees and dark dirt and grass. Then create structures like dark wood villages. Then make an ore that gives you 64 dark stone and have a 5% chance to kill you. And make dark villagers that are SAAAD and don't trade and also are neutral and give A LOT of damage. Then make a dark water and a dark lava and dark gems. And dark ingots and make ores for all of them. Then... oh wait i forgot the RAM limits xDDD

can you also add quick sand? its just an idea like make a new dimension called what ever you want but like it had all these different mobs like the sand goblin that comes out of the ground with a mallet but they come in packs of them and the sandar which is like a snake but a huge sand snake hopefully you get this because i think it would be cool to feature in my mod showcase!!