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Industrial Age is a tech mod heavily inspired by IC2, it contains machines that can help you automate your normal vanilla playtrough




The grinder is used for ore doubeling, the recipe's are:

  iron ore (1) -> ground iron (2)

  gold ore (1) -> ground gold (2)

  copper ore (1) -> ground copper (2)

  uranium ore (1) -> ground uranium (2)

  coal (1) -> coal dust (2)

  example: Copper ore to ground copper


Powered Furnace:

The powered furnace works exactly like a normal furnace but uses power instead of fuel, recipes are the same as a normal furnace

  example: ground iron getting smelted into iron



The Extractor is used to get a bit more Tree sap from saplings, the recipe's are:

 sapling of any kind (1) -> tree sap (3)

 example: sapling to tree sap


Plate Former:

The plate former is used to create plates from ingots without using the hammer, the recipe's are: 

 iron ingot (1) -> iron plate (1)

 steel ingot (1) -> steel plate (1)

 copper ingot (1) -> copper plate (1)

 compressed ingot (1) -> reinforced plate (1)

 example: compressed ingot to reinforced plate


Canning Machine:

The canning machine is used to put solids into a canister, the recipe's are:

 Uranium (1) -> Uranium fuel (1)

 example: solid at the top and canister at the bottom



The charger is used to charge ingots and other matter, the recipe's are:

 Steel ingot (1) -> Charged steel ingot (1)

 example: steel being turned into charged steel



The miner mines straight down and outputs at the top, it needs an iron pickaxe and mining pipes to work

 example: miner interface



All generators output on the bottom



 The generator uses coal to output power, it outputs power on the bottom


Solar panel:

 The solar panel outputs the least amount of power and needs to see the sun to generate power, it outpusts power on the bottom


Nuclear generator;

 The nuclear generator uses nuclear fuel to generate power, you can also put raw uranium in it but it will generate less power.

 The nuclear generator outputs on the bottom

0 = uranium fuel

1 = heat vent  


                 1  0   1


 example: nuclear generator interface


All the normal crafting recipe's can be found in JEI


More updates are coming, feel free to leave some ideas in the comments


Have fun :)

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IndustrialAge 1.0.1 1.15.2.jar - first versionUploaded on: 03/06/2021 - 17:41   File size: 873.39 KB
IndustrialAge 1.0.2 1.15.2.jar - automation!Uploaded on: 03/06/2021 - 17:57   File size: 873.54 KB

1.0.2: restricted intake of hoppers to only the output slots of machines, automation is now posibble

i don't know why the images aren't working, i'l have to fix that in a later version

automation update comming as fast as possible, i just found out i can specify what slots hoppes can input/output in

the solar panel outputs on the botom so you cn for example but an energy storage block under the solar panel and put a grinder next to the energy storage or wireit out of the energy storage with one of the cables

Hey) Can u help me?)
So, have you made a hevea tree that makes rubber? Could you help me with how to spawn rubber on it?