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Minecraft Version: 1.11.2

Mod lastest version: 0.1

  Are you bored with the vanilla Minecraft? Wanted somethings better? Red Forge will be your anwser!

This mod added a lot of new machines, tool and a whole new item-type energy system! Make your Minecraft experience become better!

* Mod Guide

* I will not show the recipes, so use JEI to know them.

World Gen:

1.Red Iron Ore

Generation Depth (y): 17 - 0, smelt it to get red iron ingot.


Tier 1

1. Coal Generator

 Use coal/ charcoal to generate energy at slow speed, gererate 4 weak energy fragment per coal.



Tier 0

1. Stone Grinder

 Use to grind smashed ores, ingots into dust with a hammer.

Tier 1

1. Powered Grinder

Just like the stone grinder, but use energy to run.

Other tools

1. Iron Hammer

Use to smash ores and grind things in the stone grinder.

* Changelog: ( v.0.1 ):

  - Added Red Iron ore, ingot, block.

  - Added Coal Generator.

  - Added Iron Hammer, Stone Grinder, Powered Grinder.

  - Added Iron, Gold smashed ore, dust.

* If you found any bug please report me to fix it! Thanks!

* If you have any idea to make the mod better, feel free to comment below! =))

* You can add this mod to your own modpacks, or make a showcase of it! But you are not allowed to repost this mod, it is not good at all!

* New version will be comming soon!

* Thank you for mod of the week!




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