Circuits and EXO Suits 3.X: "Ore and Tools" Update

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Circuits and EXO Suits is a  "small", crafting focused Tech Mod.

It features a bunch of crafting Components and mid to late game Tools and Armor, as well as a custom "hand crafting" mechanic.


So, what's hand crafting? well... you take some Tools and some Materials and smack them on a crafting Station...

not really, but that's the idea, you have different "crafting tools" and together with the fitting ingredients in your inventory you can craft new components by clicking on the appropriate "Crafting Station".


Most Hand Crafting recipes can be Normal Crafted as well, but crafting by hand is more material efficient.


-"new" Ores-


  • Copper (found in the medium levels in the Overworld)
  • Tin (found in the higher levels of the Overworld)
  • Silver (found in the lower levels of the Overworld)


  • Sulfur (found all over in the Nether)
  • Tungsten
  • Titanium


  • Miasmite
  • Holocrom
  • Phoebeum


-new materials-

  • Resin (harvested from Jungle Trees trough the use of a Tree Tap, used as a binder in many different ways)
  • Mineral Paste (a Paste made from different kinds of Minerals, can be baked into Plastik)
  • Sheet Metal and Wires (rolled and cut from Alloys, used in Electronics)
  • Soldering Flux and Tin (for Soldering Electronics)
  • Electronics and hand crafted Metal Parts (complex Armory requires complex Components)
  • Carbide (a strong material, used to make powerfull tools)


-crafting tools-

  • Heavy Roller (for rolling out Ingots into Sheets)
  • Metal Sheers (cuts Sheet Metal into Wire)
  • Soldering Iron (used primarely in crafting Electronics)
  • Crucible (needed to smelt Alloys)
  • Tinker's Hammer (used for forging usefull Parts from sturdy Metals)
  • many more...



crafting related Blocks:

  • Hand Crafting Station (a crafting table for simple hand crafting)
  • Hardened Work Station (a heavy crafting table for advanced hand crafting)
  • End Furnace (uses Miasmite and Endstone Dust to smelt ores verry fast)


decorational/material Blocks:

  • clear Glass
  • semi-transparent Block (sort of a half transparent mirror, rotatable like a Log)
  • more in the future...



  • Redstone Alloy (a simple yet effective Alloy from Copper and Redstone)
  • Fluxed Gold (Gold infused with fiery energy)
  • Enderium Alloy (pulsating Silver-Alloy made with living Matter)
  • Bronze (simple but sturdy, made from Copper and Tin)
  • folded Metal (layered Titanium, can be forged into Damascus Steel)
  • Star Steel (magical and strong, created with the energy from a Star...)


-EXO Armor-

  • Tier 1: constructed from hardened Bronze (about as strong as Iron Armor)
  • Tier 2: constructed from Damascus Steel (almost as sturdy as Diamond Armor)
  • Tier 3: constructed from Star Steel (better than Diamond Armor)


-EXO Modules-

Modules unlock the true potential of the Suits and grant you many different powers

  • Muscle Support (Strength)
  • Schock Absorber (nullifies Fall Damage)
  • Air Mask (Water Breating)
  • Support hinges (Speed)
  • Jetpack (quite obvious...)
  • more in the future...


-Tools and Weapons-

Low-Tier Tools:

  • made from Bronze (as good as Iron, but lower durability)
  • Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Hoe, Shears, Sword


Mid-Tier Tools:

  • made from Damascus and Carbide (tougher than Diamond)
  • Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Hoe, Shears, Sword


High-Tier Tools:

  • "Lightning Strike" Bow (powerful Bow, almost pinpoint accuracy, chance of striking Lightning at Enemys)
  • "Lightning Edge" Sword (very powerful "double edge" Sword)
  • "Lightning Drill" Pickaxe (techically a pickaxe, built in "Fortune" and Obsidian-Insta-Mine function)
  • TNT Launcher... (launches small explosive charges)


experimental Weaponry:

  • Yari Launcher (full-auto rocket launcher)
  • single-use Rocket Launcher (high power, disposable, huge explosion




-if there is anything that does not work, please tell me! i'm always looking to improve this mod.

-if anyone would like to make localisations, give me a call ;3

-suggestions, ideas and opinions are welcome, tell me everything :D

-this mod is also available at CurseForge




-What's next?-

-"Hand Crafting" recipe listing

-instructional booklet?

-new and improved recipes

-community suggestions?

-more decorational blocks and stuff...

-more Modules




Thank's for your Time, have a nice day <3

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Modification files
Circuits_and_EXO_Suits__rV3.4__mc1.12.2.jar - 3.4 initial release542.61 KB
CnEXOS__mc1.12.2__bV3.6.jar - 3.6 experimental "weapons update"745.15 KB
CnEXOS__mc1.12.2__rV3.13.jar - 3.13 latest version "Ore and Tools" Update1.07 MB

3.13: "Ore and Tools" Update

  • added Bronze Tools
  • adjusted more recipes
  • added more Ores in the nether and the End
  • made Beetroot great again!
  • added Flour and Dough for easier Bread
  • added "Exo Modules"
  • added "Crafting Notes" aka random loot mechanic
  • added Clear Glass and Semi-Transparent Block

3.6: experimental release

  • added new crafting components
  • adjusted recipes for all tiers of EXO Armor
  • added and adjusted "hand crafting" recipes and tools
  • added experimental weaponry
  • new tier of tools/weapons: "Damascus Tools"

3.4: initial release version

I need this mod fore my mod pack! But I can only add it if it is uploaded to curse forge. Would you mind adding it there?