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this has been discontinued forever because mcreator broke and I can't fix it with anything, I genuinely hate this and i am never returning to this abomination of a "mod maker"



A semi-complex mod that is heavily inspired by Gregtech!

Contains the following...

2 New biomes: Wasteland (moon) and Flare Caverns (overworld)

New dimension: The Moon

2 New armor sets: Energite & Space Suit

New liquid: Oil

Many new items including: Rubber, Copper (convertible from vanilla copper), Various dusts, Nickel, Tungsten, Titanium, Proccessors, Circuits, Wires, Electrical Hammers, Lunarite, and so much more!

Please do comment any suggestions, This is in a very early state and I'm taking any suggestions given!

Modification files
Insanium_0.jar - V 1.2.2 (Last Release)Uploaded on: 11/19/2023 - 05:40   File size: 586.06 KB

V 1.1.0

Fixed resource generators to make up to 50 ingots from a generator capsule of choice.

Added info tabs for custom machines

V 1.2.0

Added alloy smelter, a machine that doubles the output of alloys formed.

Added new advancement tab for further help with progression.

V 1.2.2

Fixed rubber recipe

Added alternative to slimeballs for rubber

4th page of guide book added

Hello maybemallcious, I tried out the mod and I believe this is a good starting point.
However, some recipes (such as titanium and rubber) do not have recipes set (even in JEI). Could you consider fixing these in the next update?

I'm sorry! I forgot to add Rubber. Also, resources such as Titanium that are marked with 1 element (Ti) are individual ores that can be mined. I also added an alternative to slimeballs incase that was frustrating to aquire. I hope this helped!