Midorite Machines

Published by MixxC on Tue, 08/31/2021 - 00:54
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Midorite Machines is a tech mod based off of a new ore added, Midorite! It can be used to craft and fuel a variety of machines.


Whenever you craft and item, you will notice that you cannot use it. That is because it is out of fuel. To get fuel, place Midorite and an Empty Tank in a Fuel Production Table. This will result in a full tank, and Depleted Midorite (crafting material) as a byproduct. To use this fuel, crafting a Machine Fueling Station, and place the wanted item and fuel in the correct slot.


Personal Rocket - The Personal Rocket allows the user to fly straight up into the air, using fuel for ever second in flight.

Flamethrower - Shoots a dangerous projectile that lights enemies on fire; uses fuel for ammo.

Power Gauntlets - When equipped in the Chestplate slot, greatly increases all melee damage.

Wrench - Can be used to construct a Levilead, a very fast form of temporary personal transportation.

Transport Link - Teleports the user back to a point, saved by a Positional Recorder.

Locational Cartridge - Used by the Selective Detector to function.

Depleted Midorite - A crafting material created as a byproduct of the Fuel Production process.

Empty Fuel Tank - Can be filled with fuel at a Fuel Production Table.

Midorite Fuel - Used to fuel all Machines.

Midorite Machine Core - An item used to craft all Machines.

Midorite Station Core - An item used to craft all "stations" (blocks).

Brown Bricks - i love placing brown bricks in minecraft


Fuel Production Table - Uses Midorite Gems and Empty Fuel Tanks to create Midorite Fuel and Depleted Midorite.

Machine Fueling Station -  Uses Midorite Fuel to fuel all Machines.

Positional Recorder - When right clicked, saves your current location. You can teleport back to this location with a Transport Link. Does not work if the block is destroyed.

Selective Detector - When right clicked, opens a GUI with two slots. Placing a Locational Cartridge in one and any block in the other results in all of those blocks in a 5 block radius being highlighted (visible through walls).

Midorite Block - Crafting Material.

Depleted Midorite Block - Crafting Material.

Brown Brick Block - brown bricks in mineeecraft


There's too many recipes to place here, so I would recommend using JEI or the like.

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8/30/21 - Mod Released!