Beastly Beacons

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Beacons, amirite? Considering they're one of the most challenging things in the game for your average player to obtain, they're kind of a let down. You've got to fight a Wither, invest a copious amount of resources, and for what? Some basic status effects. You can make the thing out of any material, but it has no impact whatsoever on said effects. What's more, they're of no use whatsoever in multiplayer; granting said effects to any players in their radius. Which, again, isn't that important, since their effects are kinda dinky. If they weren't the only way to get Haste, they probably wouldn't be used at all.

...Tirade aside, this mod aims to fix these issues, and make the most of that lost potential, particularly in regards to making beacons useful in more competitive multiplayer settings. As a quick overview:

  • Beacons now have 15 effects to choose from, with each additional layer unlocking 5 new effects. Some of the new ones include increasing the beacon's radius, summoning spirits to defend the beacon, and higher levels of haste.
  • Beacons now require a supply of experience in order to supply their effects. This won't be much of a draw in singleplayer; but the beacon will burn through energy faster the more things it's targeting.
  • Different materials increase the capacity of the beacon. (Diamond, for example, is better than Copper.) A higher capacity allows you to have more effects enabled at once.
  • Beacons can be Locked using a named Sigil item. When locked, a beacon will only provide positive effects to players carrying a matching Sigil, and will provide negative effects to players without one.
  • Beacons have some nifty new sound and lighting effects, because honestly, they ought to look/sound cooler. Sound effects are based on the power, type, and number of effects of the beacon.

    ~ For further details on different abilities, technical details, bug reports, etc; refer to the Curseforge page ~
Modification files
BeastlyBeaconsV1.3.jar - Same as the previous version; updated to 1.19.4Uploaded on: 07/16/2023 - 15:22   File size: 2.72 MB
BeastlyBeaconsV1.6.jar - Latest version for 1.20.1Uploaded on: 12/20/2023 - 00:54   File size: 2.73 MB
  • Totally overhauled Beacons. Awesome.
  • Fixed Sigil duping glitch.
  • Updated to version 1.19.4
  • Changed evil sentinel/ward/forcefield textures to better resemble Vex.
  • Reconfigured sound effect radius to try to fix abrupt transitions when loading into the game near a beacon/approaching a beacon quickly.
  • Added some basic tooltips to the beacon interface.
  • Fixed broken SFX

Hello, i was wondering how did you make the beacon beam effect, was it trough procedures or trough custom code?

What the Hell??? How is this so GOOD? GG, you are a great mod maker!!!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (

How are you making all of these insane mods so fast!
My mod I worked on for months and it was nowhere near as good as yours!

I recommend making an outline, getting a good pixelart editor, and having too much free time on your hands.

...Also, some things just intrinsically take longer than others. For this one the most time-consuming thing was just designing the interface and getting the sentinels and wards to work properly. For others, (say, the Archeology Mod), it took about as long to design all the pottery as it did to finish this entire thing...