Duplicator Mod

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In this mod you may duplicate blocks at will! You will need two things to duplicate blocks: The Duplicator, and the Duplicator stick. first, you need to place the Duplicator floating in the air (if you don't it might have a chance of replacing blocks underneath it). Then, you will need to place the block of your choice (if it is a block with an inventory everything in the inventory won't duplicate with the block being duplicated) on top of the duplicator. Finally, you will need to right click the Duplicator with the Duplicator stick. Then, yay! Your block has been duplicated underneath the duplicator! The best part is about this mod is: whenever you are stuck on a survival world duplicating your blocks just to get tons of modded blocks, you can duplicate those modded blocks also!

There is also an item duplicator! The first level will be able to duplicate 10 items max, the second level will be 20 items max, the third level will be 40 items max, and the fourth level will be 64 items max. How to use: you place your item(s) in the top left slot and put a duplicator stick in the bottom. Then hit duplicate!

There is an Infiduplicator stick! To make it, you need 3 infiduplicator stick parts. To create those, you need the Infiduplicator stick part maker. You will need:

10 UD1 (Unduplicatable item 1)

4 UD2 (Unduplicatable item 2)

5 Sticky Pistons

Have Ideas? PLEASE comment them! I'd love to see your ideas!


Q & A:

Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, as long as you credit me and give a link to here.

Q: Can I make a continuation of this mod?

A: as long as you ask for permission and I tell you yes.

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

1.8.0 (Rough & Tough Update!) :

  • infiduplicator stick part is now not duplicatable.
  • To craft the the infiduplicator stick part, use the infiduplicator stick part maker! (I know long name xD)
  • infiduplicator stick part crafting recipe now removed.


  • Now Stackup!* User Friendly! Duplicate items Infinitely**!
  • Added Duplicator Tab!

*Stackup!: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/stackup

**Max Duplication stack size in Duplicator level 4  is 1M.

Nice mod, it's original :)
Can I give you a suggestion for a future mod? What about a Block Duplicator mod that can only duplicate a few blocks (it can't duplicate obsidian, bedrock or diamond blocks for example) and consumes something when duplicating them?

just wondering, have you tried using the duplicator in survival mode? I actually coded it so it wouldn't consume your duplicator sticks in creative mode so it wouldn't be so annoying to keep getting more in creative mode.

I created a mod like this, at the moment thanks to a bug in 1.8.x at the moment it's not perfect but it's good for the time being

I was just about to give you the link for it and just found 2 websites hosting my mod without the correct credits to myself or MCreator, you know you made it when people are stealing it lol


I download yours later and give yours a try.

I am actually working on a new update for this mod that you can duplicate items with an item duplicator. The item duplicator will be levels 1-4 (each level increases the amount you can duplicate) but for the first update it will add the item duplicator level 1-2.

I tested it, and it works I would hopped the item was more like the block dup I don't like UI's it takes me out of the game but it works, I also think you make them very very cheap, but still not bad man, nice to see another cloneing mod :) I also think you need to add cobblestone in to the recipe as it looks strange you make a block without cobble but it comes out cobble, have you give netherclone a test?