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In this mod you may duplicate blocks at will! You will need two things to duplicate blocks: The Duplicator, and the Duplicator stick. first, you need to place the Duplicator floating in the air (if you don't it might have a chance of replacing blocks underneath it). Then, you will need to place the block of your choice (if it is a block with an inventory everything in the inventory won't duplicate with the block being duplicated) on top of the duplicator. Finally, you will need to right click the Duplicator with the Duplicator stick. Then, yay! Your block has been duplicated underneath the duplicator! The best part is about this mod is: whenever you are stuck on a survival world duplicating your blocks just to get tons of modded blocks, you can duplicate those modded blocks also!

There is also an item duplicator! The first level will be able to duplicate 10 items max, the second level will be 20 items max, the third level will be 40 items max, and the fourth level will be 64 items max. How to use: you place your item(s) in the top left slot and put a duplicator stick in the bottom. Then hit duplicate!

There is an Infiduplicator stick! To make it, you need 3 infiduplicator stick parts. To create those, you need the Infiduplicator stick part maker. You will need:

10 UD1 (Unduplicatable item 1)

4 UD2 (Unduplicatable item 2)

5 Sticky Pistons

Have Ideas? PLEASE comment them! I'd love to see your ideas!

Warning: 1.8.5+ will delete anything inside your duplicators from 1.8.0-.

sorry, but this mod is discontinued. Unless you guys have suggestions, (I will try to check regularly) I won't be updating this mod.

But on the plus side, I did make a Hard duplicator mod (found in the download links) for people who thought this mod was a bit too op! I will try to have a video up this week. I am also planning on uploading a better version of my duplicator showcase.

I made a video for this mod! check it out here (new and improved!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PruEXTQ7va0 


Q & A:

Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, as long as you credit me, give a link to here, and comment it below (Ex: "I'm creating a modpack with your mod!").

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Hard Duplicator Mod:

  • Recipes with diamonds now have diamond blocks
  • crafting infinite duplicator stick parts is much harder
  • crafting the duplicator and item duplicator level 1 is harder.

1.8.5 (Major Bugfix update):

  • Made it so this mod can be downloaded on any forge version! (Recommend to pick the least buggy version)
  • When you duplicate it will always duplicate the right item! (it used to be where if you duplicated for example, dark oak you would get oak.)