Galactica Mod

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The Galactica Mod adds

  • Cupcakes (because why not)
  • Galacticite Block (spawns underground at same rarity of emerald, lapis lazuli, and diamond)
  • Galacticite Shards (comes from the Galacticite block when mined with an iron pickaxe or better with no silk touch)
  • Galacticite Sword (super overpowered weapon crafted from 1 stick, 2 galacticite shards, and 2 pieces of glowstone)
  • Azellium (Colorful harmless liquid that is good for decoration and also has a bucket)
Project status
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Modification files
Galactica Mod.jar - Version 1.034.33 KB

Version 1.0

-Added Galacticite Blocks

-Added Galacticite Shards

-Added Galacticite Sword

-Added Cupcake

-Added Azellium

Nice mod :)
I'd recommend that you improve some of the textures a little though, to make them look nice when placed next to each other.