Jims Wilder Mod

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Welcome to Jims Wilder Mod.


Note: the forum for this mod hasnt been updated yet so stick with the video for now thank you :)


NEW Mechanics


Dna Machine finally creates Dna so grab your biphibian meat and get biphibian DNA or get snarblepup hide and make some dna or Grab some ender pearld get some end Dna 

then combine them all and feed the syrum to the creation machine







NEW Ender Raptor

Must be hatched is a WIP Mob i am trying my best to code it to make it tameable


NEW Cobblestone Golem

You can build it by placing 2 Shadowdite Cobblestone Blocks Ontop of eachother and then placing a pumpkin ontop


NEW Cobblestone Golemite

3 of these guys split out of a cobblestone Golem 


NEW Raja










Lost Soul 


Iron Jack 





Titorphium Block

Shadowdite Cobblestone

Corrupted Stone

Naka Wood

Naka Wood Planks

Naka Leaves


Creation Machine




Random structures



Couldnt find the other structures cause im lazy but theres one in the future earth biome that looks like the one above but is different and theres one in the Titorphium Dimension


Biomes (in overworld)

Oakstar Biome

crafting recipes



TitorphiumBlock recipe

Creation Machine

Creation Machine

Titorphium Ingot

Titorphium Ingot

Tooth Spear

Tooth Spear

Snarblepup helm

Snarblepup helm

Snarblepup Chestplate

Snarblepup Chestplate

Snarblepup Leggings

Snarblepup Leggings

Snarblepup Boots

Snarblepup Boots

DNA Extractor

DNA Extractor

Tooth n Iron

Tooth n Iron

Black Iron

Black Iron

Black Powder

Black Powder

Power Core

Power Core

Titorphium alloy Blade

Titorphium alloy blade

Titorphium Alloy Sword

Titorphium Alloy Sword



DNA bottle

EnderRaptorDNA Syrum

Naka Wood Planks

Naka Sticks

Naka Wooden Sword

Naka Wooden Shovel

Naka Wooden Pickaxe

Naka Wooden Axe

Naka Wooden Hoe

Flesh Block

Aviator270 Barrel

Aviator270 Handle

Aviator270 Body


Shadowdite Dust

Shadowdite Cobblestone

Dark Fabric

Shadowdite Stone Sword

ShadowditeOffensive Boots

ShadowditeOffensive Leggings

ShadowditeOffensive Chestplate

ShadowditeOffensive Helm

Blackpowdered Paper (igniter for shadowdite Dimension.)




Use BlackIron on the Iron Block portal Frame and Tooth n iron on the diamond framed portal and Blackpowdered Paper on the endstone one

Future Earth Dimension (Naka Biome Area)

Snarble woods area

Titorphium Dimension

Shadowdite Dimension


Version 0.0.1 alpha released

Version 0.1.0 alpha released

4 new mobs added

2 new biomes

more items

More randomly generated structures

Version 0.1.1 alpha released

EnderRaptor finally tameable 

New Energy tank has no purpose yet

and my first boss mob king Raja

a new boss called snarbolax 

also 2 mobs have been buffed

raja's will inflict blindness for 5 sec

IronJack's will inflict Weakness for 5 sec

2 new mobs



Modification files
jims_wilder_mod_alpha_0.1.1.jar - New Version 0.1.1 alphaUploaded on: 08/01/2017 - 00:40   File size: 776.46 KB
jims_wilder_mod_alpha_0.1.0.jar.jar - Re upload of old version 0.1.0 alphaUploaded on: 08/01/2017 - 00:40   File size: 529.63 KB
jims_wilder_mod_alpha_0.0.1.jar - Re upload of old version 0.0.1 alphaUploaded on: 08/01/2017 - 00:40   File size: 278.98 KB

Nice mod, I like the mobs... Can ypu make a better description? You can add images that can be seen without clicking the link by using the toolbar

Theres A big update coming Tommorow on this mod hints at [spoiler] New Dimension New Materials Powersuits And the DNA Extractor And creation MAchine have a purpose [/spoiler]

This is still in alpha? It is way too good for such an early stage

i think i should learn java script im gonna take the rest of the ideas for my mod to eclipse but i will still make mods on mcreator