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Hello everyone, it's me, TheGreatKingBoo_!

Oh my, that was alot of waiting for you, but finally, it is out! The Ecoindustries Mod is finally out! Actually, i have to tell one thing, which is not important, but still : This mod was made on MCreator 1.7.8, for a single reason, which is that 1.7.9 is far too complicated for my small intellect.


Do you ever think that Minecraft it's pretty much boring and repetitive all by his own? Well, this is the mod for you!

Craft tons of machines, forge new metals, armors, tools, explore new Giant biomes and maybe make yourself a nice cake! This and more in the Ecoindustries Mod!


So, the main focus of this mod, as you may recall from his name and the official Ecoindustries Page on the MCreator forum is both Ecology and Industry. This mod's main objective will be to enhance your minecraft experience by adding new animals, biomes, plants and also alot of services or industries, the first added being Cookery! I will try to bring you as much content as possible, adding even more things from update to update, even in parts of the mod that looked abandoned for some time. There are also a tons of functions in the mod, but i guess i'll let you explore them! Here are some images of some of the ingame mobs that were added in the Alpha 1.0.0 Update:









Mod Element List:

-A LOT of foods, probably over 50-60 just now, as well as new tools to craft them, like a Kitchen Knife or a Spoon!

-5 plants: Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Blueberry, Lettuce plants and Tomato Flower!

-2 Biomes: Fruit Forest and Himalayan Mountain!

-11 new Mobs: Aardvark, Bison, Chimpanzee, Sloth, Horseshoe Crab, Giant Turtle, Goose, Gemsbok, Crocodile, Tapir and Komodo Dragon!

-A new way to fish: The Auto Fisher. It will only give you new fishes tho...

-A fully-functioning Forge. You can use it to smelt some ores, Like the newly added Copper Ingot and Tin Ingot, as well as Iron. They will be used to craft Bronze and Steel Ingots to make two new sets of tools and armors, as well as a Chainsaw and a Drill. And now the Mould has another function besides crafting Cheese!


Useful links:

-forge :

-JEI (Curseforge Page) :

-Ecoindustries Official Page :


Side Notes:

-There are alot of achievements in this mod, to unlock the first one, just press F6. You can also change the key this function is attached to in the commands menu

-The only "Fantasy" biome i'm adding is the fruit forest, as it's easier both for me and for you to get things done, whether it's making elements easier for me or getting fruit for you

-If you want to make a review of this mod, just upload it on youtube, write it on this page in the comment section, and i'll add it to the useful links! Remember to give me credits for making this mod!

-I suggest you also install the Just Enough Items mod, just to comfortably see all the craftings in Minecraft!



-How to setup an Auto Fisher: Simply place it on a still water source and it will catch some fishes in around 40-50 seconds (1x1 water source is fine)


So, i hope you will like my mod, and we'll see ourselves later, my dear boos!



Alpha 1.0.0

-Added the first Elements of the Mod


Alpha 1.0.1

-Added new foods

-Added new achievements

-Fixed some bugs (The green pepper plant dropped itself instead of the green pepper, the Cheese Toast was in the wrong tab...)


Alpha 1.0.2

-Added new foods and achievements

-Added the Auto Fisher, as well as 4 new fishes

-Added the Forge, as well as new Ores (Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst, Copper and Tin), new Ingots/Gems (Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst, Copper, Tin, Bronze and Steel)

-Added two new sets of armors and tools: Steel and Bronze

(Bugfix 1: Fixed the crafting of the Mould, that conflicted with the bucket one, The Lobster item was in the wrong tab)


Beta 1.0.3

-Removed Sheeps for the Fruit Forest

-Added new foods

-Added a whole new industry: Weaving. You will be able to craft String Shuttles of different colours and then new decorative cloathings!

-Fixed some bugs (two achievements didn't work...)


Cool mod!
I suggest you changing the mod image by including some animals, the fruit biome or some blocks

Update to MCreator 1.7.9, it's not that hard :D
The main difference is only that instead of making events in the mod element, you make them separate and you recall them by the items. The new events, procedures, aren't too hard, they are easier than Scratch. They are simpler than old events: instead of using lots of stack events, you make a "pile" of events

Well, i will probably think again, and maybe later updates will be on 1.7.9.
Also, i kinda am not afraid of new things, it's just i found it pretty much hard to do. But i'll read the article, and maybe understand a thing or two :D

I have just tried it in minecraft and seen the huge amount of content. This should be MOTW!
PS: The only problem were textures. While some textures are amazing, like the food textures, the ores and ingots aren't that cool. If you edit them with a bit, they 'll be awesome!