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Published by DKMK100 on Mon, 07/01/2019 - 22:54
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News: I am making some major changes to the mod, and soon will be releasing a new mod for 1.15.2 called factorycraft reborn. I ported this to 1.15.2 but probably won't update it anymore because I am working on factorycraft reborn. Stay tuned!

Factorycraft is a mod about efficiency and automation. Many of these machines let you process items more efficiently than vanilla. The mod even has its own working power system!!!


This mod is still in development there is much more to come!!



There are a few different base machines. These exist in both tier 1 and tier 2. Tier 3 only has a grinder and plate press. (use JEI to craft them)

Solid Fuel Generator: Generates power using items that burn in a furnace.

Pulverizer: Turns gravel into flint, and turns ores into dust. Tier 2 one gives 1.5x ore returns and can grind diamond. Tier 3 can also grind obsidian and DOUBLES ores!

Also turns wood into sawdust and potatoes and corn into starch.

Sawmill: Turns logs into more planks that vanilla. You can put a mold at the top to convert planks to another block or item

Plate press: Compress dust into blocks and compress ingots into plates.

Mixer: Mix dust and liquids. Mix sawdust or starch with water to get wood mulch or glue respectively.

In tier 2 there is also a solar generator, which produces power only during the day if it can see the sky, but it does not use up fuel. It generates at half the speed as the tier 1 solid fuel generator.

Put a block that uses power next to a generator for it to receive power. 



There are currently 4 craftable alloys in the game, 2 of which have a WIP toolset.

Aquatic Iron: 1 aquamarine + 1 iron dust = 2 aquatic iron dust. Currently has no use

Blue Steel: 1 iron dust + 1 diamond dust= 1 Blue Steel dust. Blue Steel is used to make plates for tier 3 machines, along with a toolset.

Aquasteel: 1 enchanted aquamarine + 1 blue steel dust = 1 aquasteel dust. Currently has no use

Obsidium: A complex alloy primarily made of obsidian and iron dusts. Used to make a very powerful toolset, and will be used for tier 4 machines in a future update.

Icy Obsidium: An allow of Aquasteel and Obsidium. It is extremely powerfull and is required to achieve the highest tier of ocean's blessing effect.

Steel: uncraftable and has no use, however can be achieved through ocean's blessing



Hemp is a crop that is used to get string and 

There are 2 varieties of hemp: Normal and Industrial.

Normal goes up to 2 blocks tall, and industrial will grow up to 3 blocks. Industrial hemp is crafted into 2 normal hemp.

4 normal hemp gives hemp seeds, and if you put it in a pulverizer you get hemp fiber, which is used to make string.

String can be used to make cloth which is used to make canvas.


Ocean's Blessing

Blocks with the ocean's blessing will create items from thin air if there is a beacon or another magical block (I'm not telling which ;) ).

Enchanted aquamarine, aquasteel, and icy obsidium have the ocean's blessing effect in different levels. A higher level will generate items quicker.


Other Features:

Flint tools!!

Cobalt: rare ore similar to redstone, much more common in aquatic biomes.

Aquamarine: found in aquatic biomes. An ENCHANTED VERSION is VERY RARELY found in DEEP OCEAN.

Sulfur: used to make gunpowder

Saltpeter: used to make potassium and gunpowder.

Glue: cook in a furnace to get slime.

Potassium blocks! Explode on contact with water.

Magma dust: ground magma blocks. Can insta smelt some items. WIP


Version 0.0.5 WIP (the pyrotechnic update)


Water Launcher: Launches water from glass rods with water. Good for climbing mountains.

Lava Launcher: Launches lava from glass rods with lava. HUGE DAMAGE!!

Flamethrower: Launches oil form glass rods with oil to fill a 3 by 3 area with fire. Tons of carnage!!

Dynamite: a throwable version of TNT

Molotov Cocktail: Lights fire when it lands. If it lights on fire before it lands it explodes violently!



Dark Iron: Made with iron and coal. Put lava on top of the block to get steel. 


Other Features:

Glass Rods: Can hold liquids and are used as ammo in the new weapons.

Oil: Found in lakes on the surface

Advanced Sand: Used to make clear glass and advanced TNT

Infused Gunpowder: Made with gunpowder, magma dust, and a small amount of iron dust. Used to make Advanced TNT

Clear Glass: Decoration block, used in crafting magnifying glass.

Advanced TNT: Explodes larger than a TNT explosion

Magnifying Glass: 2 tiers, used to light fires. Will turn wood logs to charcoal. Danger: do not combine with TNT (instant explosion)!!!!


Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

0.0.1: First version.


0.0.2: Added tier 1 mixer, wood buckets, sawdust, starch, wood mulch, and glue.


0.0.3: Aquamarine update. Added aquamarine, alloys, 2 tier 3 machines, and fixed bugs.


0.0.4: Ocean's Blessing update. Added blocks of aquamarine, ocean's blessing, icy obsidian, tweaked aquamarine spawn rates, and magma dust.


0.0.5: Update still being made. You can download a test version. It adds advanced TNT, Magnifying glasses, Dark Iron, making steel, and weapons including a flamethrower and Molotov Cocktail!


Edit: This project is ported to 1.15.2 and now is called factorycraft classic. I will not add any new features and bug fixes will be rare and only for major bugs. I am working on factorycraft reborn which will release soon.

Good mod, you should just improve the textures :)
If you want, you can use templates or vanilla iron block texture and change some details for every machine to not spend too much time on the textures

Great mod, really made my survival experience much better. I now use this to automate the whole thing! I really love this mod and me having around 12 mods in my survival world, this is my favorite one. The main thing that you really need to work on though are the textures of the mod. People look at my world and comment on how weird your blocks look. Fix them please and this mod would be 10/10

Thank you for your feedback!! I know the textures need some work and I'll do that but there are a few more machines I am going to add first, along with a couple of plants and new ores. Don't worry the textures will improve they just aren't my main focus.