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This mod adds some new materials, weapons and a dimension. AAAAND a Boss! (more in the future).

The current materials added are:

-Steel. An upgrade to iron, with better durability, damage, armor points... It's made with 7 iron ingots, 1 coal and 1 lava bucket. To make the tools you must put the iron tool and the steel ingot in the crafting table (like if was netherite with diamond).


 -Silver. It came with its new ore. It gives you a bonus under moonlight  [try right-clicking or mining stone ;-)  ]. Also the armor damages Undead mobs (similar like Thorns).


 -Pyrite. The other new ore. Has autosmelting and sets foes on fire (with Fire Aspect affect mobs in a little area).


-Goorium. A stone-tier like material found in Tandra. It has some sticky and bouncy properties.

-Wave. A magic material. Magic ignore defense points (it's a little buggy, I'm working on it). Magic attacks are affected by Endurance points.


-Tenebra. An upgrade to Steel. Now it can be optained by killing Ancient Sentry, but in the future it will be find in loot too.


-Cruorum: An upgrade to Silver. Provides new bonuses in the darkness.


-Soul-furic Steel: An upgrade to Pyrite. It is more durable and sets foes on fire and wither effect.


-Rose Gold: An upgrade to Gold. Can mine extremely fast and with better durability than Gold.  


-Nickel: A new Nether ore, althought it is not a tool nor armor material, it is used in the new Alchemy Enchantments (colored in green), enchantments only available in the new Alchemy Table or in rare loot (they are treasure enchantments, not compatible with books).


-Royal-Goorium: Just an enhanced version of the Goorium ;-)


-Titanium: Has lower density that allows fast movement.


-Copper: Better than iron but oxidices over time...


-Tandrianite: An enhancement to Wave tools.


-Wootz Steel: A legend grew into its blade.


-Electrum: Shocks full-Hp oponents!


Furthermore, there are 5 new weapon types:

-Maces. Deal extra damage to mobs with armor points and armor, but they are slow. Now they have support with other mods. If you give an item the NBT tags MaceDamage and MaceCool with some value and tag it in forge:klsts/maces, it will work as a mace if you're playing my mod. The only cons is that you can't enchant it with Armor Crusher.


-Daggers. They deal less damage than a sword, but they hit faster and have a "Combo" effect, when you hit mobs faster (respecting the cooldown) you will gain status effects for a while. Also when dual wielding daggers you gain Haste and Speed


-Whips. When right clicking they get extra reach (7 blocks) and hit multiple entities. Currently, the Critical hit particle shows the path that the whip follows.


-Lances. Deal more damage when you are riding any entity and against riding entities too.


-Sais. They hit fast, and when dual wielding sais, they can block passively little amounts of damage.


-Greatswords. Deal hight damage and can strike further than swords, but they are two-handed.


-Knives. Have the same quirks as Daggers, but some extra bonuses.


-Greathammers. Can mine faster than a pickaxe (but without a drop) and dealt increased knockback.


This mod will not have more 1.15.2 support ( versions 0.4.1 +)


There are new structures too, home of a strange creature . . . Maybe from other world?


To enter the new dimension you need to place the ThunderEgg block (found in the structures) in a Nether-portal-shape like and ignite it with a Thunder Wing.

Also working in some compabilities with other mods!


Please read the Changelog.


Curseforge link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/klstss-adventure-mod

My other mods: Klsts Metroid Mod: https://mcreator.net/modification/78726/klsts-metroid-mod

                         Klsts' Material Ages: https://mcreator.net/modification/82875/klsts-material-ages

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Thanks a lot for checking my mod~! I'm a newbie in the mod community, so if you find some bugs or think that something is unbalaced, please let me know it. I will love to hear opinions and feedback. Also, sorry for my English, I'm Spanish. I'm also so glad that I won the mod of the week, a thousand thanks, guys :3

Modification files
klsts_adventure_mod_snapshot2.jar - snapshot 2 of 0.5.0 (alloys and alchemy update)Uploaded on: 06/08/2021 - 16:15   File size: 5.58 MB
klsts_adventure_mod_0.5.0.jar - 0.5.0 first boss update~!Uploaded on: 07/12/2021 - 17:44   File size: 7.84 MB
klsts_adventure_mod_0.5.1.jar - 0.5.1 more materials!Uploaded on: 10/09/2021 - 17:51   File size: 9.41 MB
klsts_adventure_mod_0.5.2.jar - 0.5.2 spell snapshot!Uploaded on: 11/01/2021 - 18:38   File size: 10.18 MB


[Bugfix] - Daggers and Maces could activate their special effect with projectiles.

- Added the Tandra dimension, with two main biomes: Ubur Wilderness and Ubur Bright Pains.

- Added Diraqua Dirt and Grass blocks, Cobbled Ustone (block, slab, stairs and wall) and some vegetation.

- Added a new tree, the Spine Tree, with log, wood, planks...

- Added a rare drop for the Heems.

- Added a new hostile mob, the SkyLord.



- Added a new mob, the Ancient Sentry, a very dangerous guard.

- Added Ores: Luxirite, Tandrian Silver, Tandrian Tiger Eye and Tandrian Wave.

-Added a Magic sistem. Wave tools use magic.

.Added a magic defense (called Endurance) sistem.

- Added a new mob, the Heem Corpse, an undead version of the Heem. They use magic attacks.

-Added a mew weapon: Whips.

-Added 2 new toolsets and armor sets: Wave and Tenebra (an enhancement of Steel).

-Added a new potion effect: Cursed. It will lower your Magic Points.

-Added a new SkyLord drop, which it can be used to craft Boots.

-Working on lore. Click F6 to open the GUI (currently only Heem entry is available).

-Added a new fish entity in Tandra: the Spotty Fish.

-Added a new food, the Spine Berry, that restores Magic Points. It can be acquired from Spine Leaves.



-Added 2 animal entities, the Borg and the Paridea. Borgs are neutral and spawn in Tandra's surface. Parideas are passive and spawn in structures underground.

- Added a new Tandrian ore and material, Goorium.

-Added more portal structures and 2 dungeon types, one more vanilla-like and other more similar to the bastions.

-Added Diraqua farmland and a new crop. The farm system will be upgrated in future versions.

-Added new turret entity, the Wave Guardian.

-Added raw versions of silver and pyrite.

-Added compability with the Ore Dictionary. Silver, pyrite and steel are compatible with other mods~!

-Updated the version of Mcreator, if you find any glitch report it please.

-Diraqua Grass, Canescent Bush and Spine leaves are now tinted with the biome grass/foliage colors.

-Added a little Sneak Peek of the next update ;-)

-Removed the enchantments: Reaper Reach (and the Hoe reach attack, because of Whips), Shoot Down (because of the Goorium Javelin).

-[Bugfix]: Sometimes items won't stake.

-[Bugfix]: Skeletons and Zombies couldn't spawn with Steel armor.



-Added some decorative blocks.

-Updated to 1.16.5. Some recipes have changed.

-Ancient Sentry is now inmune to explosions.

-Rebalanced Mace damage bonus formula.

-Added support in the Ore Dictionary to Maces.


0.5.0 snapshot

-Added 2 new tandrian forest biomes.

-Added new biome-related blocks.

-Added new weapons: Lances and Sais.

-Greatly updated shurikens.

-Added more advancements and enchantmens.

-Added a new crop, the Irofu (not obtainable in survival yet).

-Added a new armor, Brigandine.

-Added new Wasp entities.They will have a lot of updates.

-More compabilities with vanilla and forge tags.

-Now Ancient Sentries are invulnerable to projectiles when they are at half of their max HP.

-Added a new Steel Spring block, makes you jump higher.


0.5.0 snapshot 2

-Added Cruorum, Rose Gold and Soul-furic Steel materials.

-Added a new Nether ore, Nickel, and a new Tandra ore, Sentry Head Ruins.

-Added new Tandra stone types.

-Added a new tandrian structure.

-Added a new first-steps Guidebook.

-Added Raw Goorium.

-Added new Alchemy Table and Alchemy Enchantments.

-Updated some vanilla loot tables.



-Added new Tandrian Wasps.

-Added new forest loots streuctures.

-Added first Boss (wich structure only spawns in a Barxetar forests)

-Added 2 new forest biomes: Canescent forest.

-Added a new Ustone variation.

-Added new material: Royal-Goorium.

-Added new ores.

-Added new Alchemy enchantments.

-Added new forest entities: Mandragons and Ghost Spiders.

-Added a new wood type.

-Added Wootz Steel and Electrum, it'sjust a demo, it will be completed in the future.

-Working in compabilities with Tinkers Construct, but there are none yet in this version.

-Added a way to farm Blue Honey.



[Bugfix] - Pyrite and Soul-Furic Steel tools could mine any tier block and succesfully spawn the drop.

[Bugfix] - Tandrian Wasps "sticked to you" after a strike and dealt damage even far away from the player.

[Bugfix] - Alchemy Enchantments could be sold by Villagers.

-Added a new mini-boss: The Ancient Titan, wich spawns dormant on altars in Tandra.

-Added all Wootz Steel and Electrum tools and armor. Also added the new materials: Tandrianite, Copper and Titanium.

-Added new biomes: Lavender Desert, Lavender Oasis and Arid Ubur Plains [All WIP]

-Added Greatswords and Knives.

-Reworked Tenebra and Silver (and Cruorum) mechanics.

-Added new Tandrian Dungeon items.

-Reworked Daggers and buffed Maces.

-Added new enchantments and new Alchemy enchantments.

-Added new entities: The Renegade, Specter Wasp and Sandworm (WIP).

-Added new ambient entities: Minioid and Jellyshroom.

-Added new ores.

-Other minor changes.



-Added Spell Enchantments for staffs (work similar as Alchemy Enchantments)

-Added a new overworld structure (wich contains some Spell Enchantments)

-Added new decorative blocks.

-Added a new weapon type: Greathammers.

-Added Copper and Tandrianite armors.

-Added more Titanium tools.

Hello again, i found broken gate, how can i repair it and go in to your world. i had fixed it with thunderegg block and fire it, but not work, its not same nether

Now this is just amazing! Look at all the armor and stuff, And the blocks, klsts, You should really keep going, This is never gonna get old. (and keep making better textures (; )

I use the whip to attack neutral creatures without causing hatred, I guess this is a mistake, please change the way the whip attacks thanks. Is it because the damage it deals is judged to be magic damage?

I have an issue with this mod... the wasp dimension or whatever is both a lag machine and it blows up my ears. please fix this.

Hi! What blow your ears?? It is the ambient noises? The sound of the mobs? Something else?
And talking of lag, I tested the mod by myself and with some other heavy mods and runs well. If you can specify when the lag ocurres I may see the issue.