Klsts's Adventure Mod

Published by klsts on Fri, 02/26/2021 - 10:24
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This mod adds some new materials, weapons and a dimension.

The current materials added are:

-Steel. An upgrade to iron, with better durability, damage, armor points... It's made with 7 iron ingots, 1 coal and 1 lava bucket. To make the tools you must put the iron tool and the steel ingot in the crafting table (like if was netherite with diamond). Warning! Currently it won't keep enchantments (sorry)


 -Silver. It came with its new ore. It gives you a bonus under moonlight  [try right-clicking or mining stone ;-)  ]. Also the armor damages Undead mobs (similar like Thorns).


 -Pyrite. The other new ore. Has autosmelting and sets foes on fire (with Fire Aspect affect mobs in a little area)


-Wave. A magic material. Magic ignore defense points (it's a little buggy, I'm working on it). Magic attacks are affected by Endurance points.


-Tenebra. An upgrade to Steel. Now it can be optained by killing Ancient Sentry, but in the future it will be find in loot too.


Furthermore, there are 3 new weapon types:

-Maces. Deal extra damage to mobs with armor points and armor, but they are slow


-Daggers. They deal less damage than a sword, but they hit faster and have a "Combo" effect, when you hit mobs faster (respecting the cooldown) you will gain status effects for a while. Also when dual wielding daggers you gain Haste and Speed


-Whips. When right clicking they get extra reach (6 blocks) and hit multiple entities. Currently, the Critical hit particle shows the path that the whip follows.


Aaand I made that hoes make a little area damage, greater than the sword but they only do 1 damage.


I added a Fake Netherite tools, only for the 1.15.2 version. In the future if a make a 1.16+ version I will remove it, but keeping the Netherite Mace and Dagger. It works almost exactly as the normal Netherite, but I couldn't make it not burn in lava (sorry again).


There are two new structures too, home of a strange creature . . . Maybe from other world?


To enter the new dimension you need to place the ThunderEgg block (found in the structures) in a Nether-portal-shape like and ignite it with a Thunder Wing.


Please read the Changelog.


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Thanks a lot for checking my mod~! I'm a newbie in the mod community, so if you find some bugs or think that something is unbalaced, please let me know it. I will love to hear opinions and feedback. Also, sorry for my English, I'm Spanish.

Modification files


[Bugfix] - Daggers and Maces could activate their special effect with projectiles.

- Added the Tandra dimension, with two main biomes: Ubur Wilderness and Ubur Bright Pains.

- Added Diraqua Dirt and Grass blocks, Cobbled Ustone (block, slab, stairs and wall) and some vegetation.

- Added a new tree, the Spine Tree, with log, wood, planks...

- Added a rare drop for the Heems.

- Added a new hostile mob, the SkyLord.



- Added a new mob, the Ancient Sentry, a very dangerous guard.

- Added Ores: Luxirite, Tandrian Silver, Tandrian Tiger Eye and Tandrian Wave.

-Added a Magic sistem. Wave tools use magic.

.Added a magic defense (called Endurance) sistem.

- Added a new mob, the Heem Corpse, an undead version of the Heem. They use magic attacks.

-Added a mew weapon: Whips.

-Added 2 new toolsets and armor sets: Wave and Tenebra (an enhancement of Steel).

-Added a new potion effect: Cursed. It will lower your Magic Points.

-Added a new SkyLord drop, which it can be used to craft Boots.

-Working on lore. Click F6 to open the GUI (currently only Heem entry is available).

-Added a new fish entity in Tandra: the Spotty Fish.

-Added a new food, the Spine Berry, that restores Magic Points. It can be acquired from Spine Leaves.


Wowow! The textures look nice, the idea is nice... Please make updates and you have my upvote for MOTW!

If this ever gets popular, you have my upvote for motw, nice textures and ideas, keep updating :D