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A.K.A. "Netherite 2: Electric Boogaloo" and/or "Coal Tools and Armor Mod #42069".


Criylium is a mod that adds the eponymous material to the Nether. It is extremely rare, so obtaining it will be an extra tough challenge, for after the endgame.

Criylium can be used to upgrade diamond tools, but must first be cleaned. After all, considering it was encased in Netherrack for millennia, it's bound to be a bit corrupted!

This mod is meant to feel like it'd fit in vanilla Minecraft. Therefore, you won't be able to insta-mine every block in a 16x16x16 radius, summon a giant Creeper to do your bidding, or shoot lighting from your eyes using this mod. Sorry.



- New ore (duh). To be usable, it must first go through a double-smelting process.

- New set of tools and armor, including a special kind of bow for defense, not offense.

- A block of the material, for storage purposes, and a decorative block made from it.

- An advancement for obtaining Criylium.

- A new structure, hinting new players about the Nether.



Q: Isn't this just Netherite?

A: No, this one's yellow.


Q: Why "Criylium"?

A: After days of consideration on what the perfect name for this material would be, I googled "material and alloy name generator" and chose the best-sounding result.


Q: Seriously though, this is just Netherite.

A: Please rephrase that as a question.


Q: Sorry, I've had a rough day. Why didn't you just port Netherite directly instead of coming up with a new ore?

A: I wanted to at least add a little splash of creativity to the mod. For all intents and purposes however, this is an alternative to Netherite for older versions of Minecraft.



- Recipe for armor.

- Balancing the ore spawn so it's still rare, but not practically-impossible-to-find rare.

- Making the fake portal structure considerably rarer.

- Maybe a mob?

Modification files
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GREAT mod!
i don't know why, it's literally just netherite. maybe it's because it looks nice. but netherite looks nice too.
criylium blocks look EXTREMELY nice, so maybe make it easier to obtain.
also, i would like you to give criylium a special quirk, like make the diggers mine nether blocks faster, weapons deal more damage to nether mobs, and armour make ghasts friendly or something. just an idea.