DiriumCraft by metarilo

Published by Metarilo on Mon, 03/09/2020 - 10:59
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hello everyone, this is my first mod that supports englist and russian. Mod is beta for now, so...

It adds:

  • Wooden armor set
  • Azure(azurlite) ore
  • Azure tools
  • Artifacts with powerups(there only three)
  • Other items
  • Dirium ore and tools
  • New final boss(W.I.P, so later you can see him strong)

I recommend to install Just Enough Items or other recipe showers. There will be some difficult crafts in mod

Modification files
DiriumCraft beta 1.0.1.jar - Added Dirium multitool recipe.238.3 KB

1.0.0 alpha- mod in alpha released

1.0.0 beta- added new final boss, armors and more-more others. Big update

1.0.1 beta- added Dirium multitool recipe.