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Published by centa on Thu, 01/04/2018 - 01:13
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♦Iluminite Mod♦

Mod - Iluminite Mod

Main update - ALPHA Update (AU)

Small Updates - texture update

Others Updates - 

Version -

Date - 5/31/2022


Iluminite mod adds new blocks and items, with which you will become increasingly powerful, discover everything that the mod has, recipes, combinations, everything is in the palm of your hand and the world needs a hero to take it out of the deep darkness.


New shields, each one with a different model, these shields have special abilities that will help you reduce the damage received, if there are powerful enemies there must also be shields capable of stopping them.
Make sure you choose well, not only having more durability is better!


They are not just ordinary bows!
The bows can be faster or more powerful, each one with its advantages, accompany them with vision and archer potions to increase their power, find your best combination of weapons!


Use special runes to improve your items, be faster, have more life, be more resistant, discover the power that runes grant, but don't run out of XP!
The mod adds an energy system, with which you can create more powerful elements, discover the recipes and become the savior of the world with your new power, improve the work tables to spend less energy, create faster or be able to store much more Energy.
If common arrows are not enough, then create electric bows that will be more powerful and accurate as long as they have energy, use special runes to improve them and get more power, be careful, because each improvement can worsen another aspect of the bow!
The swords of the mod have a small skill system, each sword will do some special effect which will help you in battles, discover which is the most powerful skill.


Finally, explore, mine and discover what the mod can offer you, do you want to create a farm with the animals of the mod?, you can do it!
Create complex energy systems, farm XP to fill up your upgrade table, enchant your items with the new mod enchantments, use the new weapons and the new weapon types.



The mod has many special features, if you want to make a farm with the passive mobs of the mod you can do it!
Create different energy systems and discover the mysteries of the mod.
We added several texture changes to blocks, changes in the spawn and loot procedures, new entities, items and mechanics, now you can create energy bows, there is a new type of weapon, the javelins, which have their own enchantments, yes , there are new enchantments which can help you defend yourself and have more power, the interfaces of the work tables are updated, now they will show you essential information in real time.
But the important thing is what you can experience, so download the mod and discover what the mod has for you!

Model Creator (MrCrayfish)
Blockbench (Themeisle)
Pain.Net (dotPDN LLC)
Minecraft (Mojang)
Mcreator (Pylo)


Mod  Development

by: Centa (independent creator)

Consult recipes with "JEI"
Consult recipes of work tables with "Revelations Book" (of the mod)

If you find an error or bug, I would appreciate it if you would report it on some page of the mod.

To be able to play the mod 100% it is recommended to play in: hard or extreme mode
You can add this mod to your mod pack if you wish!

Modification files
Iluminite ModV1.2.5.5-AU (1.12.2).jarUploaded on: 05/30/2022 - 08:18   File size: 11.23 MB

Grass blocks change texture when a snow block is on top of them.
Enemies have more life.
The Dark Explorer was nerfed.
The bows were buffed.
Power bows received a small nerf.
Special potions were buffed.
The Dark Emperor was nerfed, now doing 80% less damage (100 -> 20 damage).
The Dark Emperor has been buffed, it now does vulnerating damage, which makes it much more powerful.
Ravager was nerfed.
The loot of the chests was reduced to be very OP.
The structure generation was reduced to a normal probability.
Generation errors were corrected.
The textures of many items were also changed.
Fixed a bug where the flight staff could not be used.
Fixed a bug which did not allow to revive when having the recelius or chaos armor.
Fixed bugs in artboard interfaces.
Fixed bugs in the collisions of some blocks.
Fixed a bug that caused the grass to spread out infinitely.
Fixed procedural bugs.
Javelins added.
enchantments were added.
new arrows added.



thanks eee am I new if the mod is nice? mm it does not matter I want you to dream up your new development bro mmm I do not know if you read this xd and by the way ablo spanish

thanks eee am I new if the mod is nice? mm it does not matter I want you to dream up your new development bro mmm I do not know if you read this xd and by the way ablo spanish

Cool mod :D
(I would suggest to reduce the length of the description a bit - maybe move it to a separate topic - because few people are going to read all of it)

Thank you and if I am going to reduce it or maybe change it to a new one when the mod is updated, anyway only with the first part of it you already understand the theme, thanks for the suggestion :)