Arcane Lamps

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To use the different blocks of ''Arcane Pillar Base'' you need to install ''NoMoreRecipeConflict''.

Based on Thaumcraft (No dependency).They are lamps of 3 sizes, large (3 blocks high), medium (2 blocks high), & small (1 block high).

In Game

There are 5 color variations ''Blank, Purity, Crimson, Corrupt (Special), & Rainbow (Special)'', with their respective recipes.

First you'll have to get ''Arcane Crystal Ore'', it's a bit hard to find, this mineral gives ''Arcane Crystal'' x1.

By surrounding any type of stone with gold nuggets you will get ''Arcane Base'' (Material needed to create the lamps) serves as a elegant decorative block.

Modification files
Arcane_Lamps_[1.5.1].jar - New Luminescent Crystals.Uploaded on: 05/28/2018 - 19:10   File size: 315.51 KB

WOW. You are an amazing modder. i checked out your curseForge profile, and i got all of your mods on curse.

Thank you very much!. I've been trying many ways to use MCreator, but it has many limitations. I almost do not know anything about Java code, so opt for this method. Even though I realized that MCreator is listed as '' ugly Mods ''.
So I wanted to do something that would break their low expectations.

I made it!

I'm looking for MCreator Moders (or that know Java code) that
help me in a project (non-profit, just for love of Minecraft).

It looks amazing I do not know why there is not 100 downloads yet I am not person who downloaded though