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Published by ogmo123 on Sat, 05/12/2018 - 11:28
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This is a experimental or a test mod for minecraft 1.12.2 with no custom code and where i am adding random stuff.
In my eyes this mod in not even close to being complete

This mod adds:

-12 mew ores

-colored planks
-regular wood and colored wooden parquet 
-14 new swords (7 new diamond swords and 7 lightsabers)
-colored chain blocks for decoration
-new materials
-new food (only 3 for now)

Planning to add much more stuff like armors,building blocks,items and tools,mobs ect...

-I need to add recipes on this site for blocks, items, ect..
-I dont have any java experience and i dont know how to make stair or slabs and doors so if i would know how to make them i will make them
-if mod name is the same with some other mod i will try to change the name of the mod

Programs used:

-Mcreator 1.7.9
-Jasc Paint shop pro 9

Modification files
Random Additions 1.0.jarUploaded on: 05/12/2018 - 11:48   File size: 900.05 KB

Version 1.0:


-sliver ore
-amethyst ore
-ruby ore
-topaz ore
-saphire ore
-teal ore
-crystal ore
-dresden ore
-copper ore
-titanium ore
-silicon ore
-colored planks
-parquet type wood block (standard 6 types of wood)
-colored parquet blocks
-dark andesite
-dark diorite
-dark granite
-ceramic ore
-smooth ceramic
-colored chain blocks
-andesite, diorite, granite bricks

-all new 7 diamons with bigger versions
-andesite, diorite, granite brick
-parquet sticks (standard 6 types of wood)
-colored parquet sticks
-ceramic shard
-13 paint buckets
-glass shard
-titanium bar
-copper bar
-silver bar
-silicone dust
-silicone circuit board
-7 silicone circuit board with colored copper wires
-iron rod
-lightsaber handles

-7 new diamond swords
-7 new lightsabers
-titanum pickaxe
-empty glass
-empty jar
-kitchen knife

-apple juice
-carrot juice
-bread slice