Spilter's Magical Expansion

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(Dev Realease:this is not a completed version, don't expect it to be perfect,bugs may be in,if you find any,please report them in my Discord Server,the guide is not completed too and textures need a rework)

The Spilter's Magical Expansion Mod Is something that you dont want to miss!

It Adds everything! Villagers,biomes,structures,mobs,totems,weapons,ores and much more!

There's also a wiki,click here to enter the wiki.

In SME you can also combine ores to get other ores or you can plant some crops or even build whit the tones of different blocks!

There is also a new redstone! It's called "Flowstone",you can find it in the caves and you can also combine both! We have Flowstone Torches, lamps and blocks,you name it!

SME adds a little bit of everything and we are only starting

The more the time passes the more features SME will have

Anything that you would like to know? Search in the Guide! Press Z (Z Is the default,you can change the keybind) to open It,there Will be a full guide trough everything! For anything ask on my Discord Server!

Link: https://discord.gg/bfD9kyGbwG

You'll also need Geckolib to run this mod,Geckolib it's an entity animator mod,to make life easier:

Modification files
Spilter's Magical Expansion V 0.3.4 Alpha.jar - 1.19.2 Forge V 0.3.4 AlphaUploaded on: 10/09/2023 - 18:03   File size: 2.37 MB
Spilter's Magical Expansion V 0.3.7 Alpha1.20.1.jar - 1.20.1 Forge V 0.3.7 AlphaUploaded on: 03/28/2024 - 19:37   File size: 3.41 MB
Spilter's Magical Expansion V 0.3.7 Alpha1.19.4.jar - 1.19.4 Forge V 0.3.7 AlphaUploaded on: 03/28/2024 - 19:38   File size: 3.4 MB
Spilter's Magical Expansion V 0.3.8 Alpha 1.20.1.jar - 1.20.1 Forge V 0.3.8 AlphaUploaded on: 06/12/2024 - 07:52   File size: 4.56 MB
Spilter's Magical Expansion V 0.3.8 Alpha1.19.4.jar - 1.19.4 Forge V 0.3.8 AlphaUploaded on: 06/12/2024 - 08:12   File size: 4.55 MB

### SME V 0.3.8

Well well wellโ€ฆ its been a bit since the last update,ill make sure everything is written down,sit down,relax and enjoy the update!

### Changelogs

- Malectric Furnace:
- Added conjet recipe
- Updated the dabuento containish (still under dev)
- Added a recipe for the malectric Pickaxe
- Added a recipe for the exper
- Added the territorian spawner
- -  You will now need the territorian muler to spawn the territorian
- Added the territorian muler
- Fixed the spawn of the territorian and he's temple
- Added a crafting to the totem of regen
- Added doors and trapdoors for the regren wood
- Added the energy tab
- Added raw energy pipes
- The malectric furnace now,for every recipe done gets 100 FE
- Added random block (creative)
- Added energy combuster (No recipe yet)
- Added fluid and energy visualizers (No recipe yet)
- Added the malectric dust

- Added the wood energy hand crank
- Added the rotational energy converter

- Added the raw energy cube
- Added energy tracker (In dev)
- Added the crusher (In dev)
- Fixed some recipes
- Added more guide pages
- General bug fixing and behind the scenes

# SME V 0.3.7 Alpha Release

## Industrialization and Automation!

This update adds New Blocks,Ores,Updates the Guide,Adds new ways of creating things,a new furnace,a new fluid container,a new block that is pretty useful

More in depth:

- Added a new fluid,the "Ruel"

- Added the Exper

  - Added Ruel Variant

  - Added Water Variant

  - Added Lava Variant

- Added a new Ore

  - Added the Malectric

- Added the Malectrc Furnace

  - Added the Fadian Crafting for the Malectric Furnace

  - Added the Quanch Crafting for the Malectric Furnace

- Added the Malectric Charger

  - Added the Malectric Crafting for the Malectric Charger

- The Flowstone is now placable

- Added many pages to the guide and a new section

  - Added the Blocks Category to the guide

  - Added the Functional Blocks Sub-Category to the Blocks Category page

  - Added the Exper page

  - Added the Malectric Furnace Page

    - Added the Page to see every crafting that can be maden whit it and every crafting page

  - Added the Malectric page to the ores page

    - Added the Malectric Equip page

    - Added the Malectric Craftings Page 

  - Added the Quanch page in the Combined Ores page

    - Added the Quanch equip page

    - Added the Craftings page to the Quanch

  - Added pages to the Fadian page

    - Added the Fadian equip page

    - Added the Fadian Craftings page

Shoudl be all,have a great day! Thanks for reading it all!


SME V 0.3.6 Patch 1 Alpha Release

  • Fixed the Spawning of the Drainer


SME V 0.3.6 Alpha Release

I added so much that... i may have forgotten something X_X


- Updated a bit the guide

> - Added current dimensions to it

- Added turn on/off function to the Flowstone Lamp

- Complete Revamp of the ores textures

> - Added different textures based on the ore "family"

- Updated the Flowstone Torch Model and texture

- Added many recipies

- Re-ordered the blocks in the craftings menu

- Added a cooldown for the Totem of Regen

- Added a New Easter Egg!

- Added a new plant/crop

- Added a new fruit for the new plant/crop

- Added the new Enchanted Fruit variant to the new fruit for the new plant/crop

- Added new ores,tools and armors

- Adjusted some equipments statistics

- Added new mechanics ๐Ÿ˜‰

- Adjusted some names

Solved Bugs:

- Fixed varius bugs whit the tramuler

> - The tramuler its no more deadly in creative ๐Ÿ™‚

> - The tramuler now works as intended

- Fixed varius bugs and issues whit the Totem of Regen

> - The Totem of Regen now takes damage when used

> - It's now needed to use right click and hold the tramuler in hand for it to work (no more key for it)

> - The totem of regen has the right texture and works correctly

- Fixed bugs whit the guide

### This is all!

See ya in the next update!

V 0.3.5 Alpha Release






Texture Rework: All Planks and Foliage textures have been changed to match the current ones of Vanilla Minecraft.

New Blocks: The Drained Stone got it's own variants,it now can be bricks,stairs,slab and walls,each one can be made out of Drained Stone or Drained Stone Bricks.

Flowstone Lamp: This lamp is not like the normal one,this one is always active but maden whit different materials, it's cool for some aspects.


Bug Fixes:


Tarag puddle fix: The tarag puddle generated too much in a single chunk,it now will not do so anymore.

Tramuler fix: The tramuler didn't like going on cooldown after going immune,now it will do so.

Territorian Spawn Fix: The Territorian should only spawn in it's structure but instead it did spawn also underground,in the caves,now it will not do so.


Known Bugs:


Tarag Dying: When you die in the tarag the game crashes,I'm trying to find a solution.

Territorian spawn: Fix an issue,find another one,it now spawns where it's structure would be if... The structure would generate.

Territorian Temple Generation: Yeah,the structure doesn't generate,oops... But you can find it in the game which... Is good as it might crash your game in the current spawning conditions,it also isn't able to get located by /locate,it isn't even on the structures list.

Tramuler Damage: The tramuler should get damaged when being right clicked but it isn't.

Tramuler Creative: If in creative you use the tramuler ability to do not take damage,once 10 seconds have passed you will be able to get damaged in creative.


I'll fix everything,it will require a bit but eventually I will.