Published by 9678Dash on Fri, 03/13/2020 - 20:36
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Meant to be similar to my old mod, random trinkets, but, so far, only a few new tool and armor sets have been added. List of features below:

Mythril Tools and Armor.

Ruby Tools and Armor.


Mythril Ingots, and Mythril sticks.

Ruby, and Ruby sticks.


Nether Gold Ore

Nether Diamond Ore

Nether Mythril Ore


End Diamond Ore

End Ruby Ore


Volk Iron Ore

Volk Gold Ore

Volk Diamond Ore

Volk Lapis Ore

Volk Emerald Ore

Volk Mythril Ore

Volk Ruby Ore


Molten Stone



Block of Mythril

Block of Ruby


Flint and Gold


New dimension, called "Volk". Mainly for getting diamonds, mythril, and rubies, because they spawn more frequently here. You can find Molten Stone generating in the end. Use a portal frame made out of Molten Stone, and light it with a Flint and Gold to get to Volk.





Modification files
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