Gunpowder, Sulfur and Potassium

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Welcome to the GSP Mod! a mod who adds Gunpowder recipes, Sulfur and Potassium!.

The point of this mod was to add more ways to obtain gunpowder without doing a creeper massacre, but in addition to that, it adds 2 new dusts, 3 new ore veins, 1 new sand , 1 new block and 1 new food item!
The mod adds 2 ways to craft gunpowder: By mixing Potassium and Sulfur, or by using Flint, Redstone and Coal! so in case you can't find the ores, you can always do an alternative crafting.

The mod adds:
Potassium Ore: Spawns in Badlands, Stone Shores and in the ocean! Will explode on contact with water, so don't let potassium get in contact with water! and if you see one ore being in contact with water, it's best you don't touch it.
Potassium Dust: The potassium dust is obtained from mining the Potassium ore, will also explode if you drop it while being in water or during rains.
Potassium Gem: Refined Potassium, obtained from smelted potassium dust or ore, can be used to make Potassium Blocks and will Explode more violently in rain or water.
Potassium Block: A good-looking white block, be careful tough, i wouldn't put it under the rain or in water, it could explode!.
Banana: Dropped by Jungle leaves, this nice food item can be also smelted for Potassium Dust! quite handy and tasty.

Sulfur Ore: Usually has a chance to spawn in the Deserts, Mountains, Redwood Taigas, Badlands or Oceans, be carefull, fire may make it explode.
Nether Sulfur Ore:  Same as the sulfur ore, but spawns more frequently in nether.
Sulfur Dust: The Sulfur dust is obtained by mining the ores, it can be used along with Potassium to make gunpowder, you can also place it down! but be careful, it is very flammable.
Sulfur Sand: A lot of Sulfur dust put together into a sand block, it may explode on contact with fire.



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