Curious Lands

Published by Nyxlash on Sun, 06/06/2021 - 19:26
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Curious Lands is focused around two core concepts: 1) Adding more biome specific ores to encourage exploration 2) Adding ways to get everything in Peaceful mode!

The mod adds many curious things to find and discover and is focused more on block interactions than crafting recipes. For example, to get blaze rods you'll need to submerge yourself in lava while holding certain items. 61 Advancements guide your path as you uncover the many block interactions and curiosities but spoilers are below if you want to know something specific.

Spoilers ahead!

Ores and Blocks that Drop Stuff


  • Unda Sediment, found in deep oceans and requires a diamond shovel or greater to break. Drops one Unda Shard. Easy to spot with a mini map or at night. Used to create Ghast Tears, Prismarine Shards/Crystals, Tridents, Water Scrolls.
  • Liro Soil, found anywhere you find dirt and requires a diamond hoe or greater to break. Drops one Liro Seeds. Easy to spot at night in hills and mountains. Used to make various trade offers yielding high amounts of honey, seeds, food, wool, leather, and what have you and also Earth Scrolls.
  • Ignis Residue, found in deserts and requires a diamond shovel or greater to break. Drops one Ignis Dust. Easy to spot with a mini map or at night. Used to create Blaze Rods, Ignis Cores, Ores without Silk Touch, and Flame Scrolls.
  • Aer Cluster, found in mountains within Diorite and requires a diamond pickaxe or greater to break. Drops one Aer Crystal. Easy to spot by looking up. Used to create Phantom Membranes and Air Scrolls. 
  • Weak Stone, found in small clusters on the surface and large veins underground and requires nothing but your meaty hands to smash. Drops an assortment of cobble, sticks, coal, and iron nuggets. Used to skip Wooden Tools and keep you from having to resurface due to lack of torches or broken tools when mining. 
  • Thalmirabite Deposit, found in deserts sometime in strange cubes, but also in sandstone. Requires a stone pickaxe or greater to break. Drops Thalmirabite. Used to create a bunch of stuff, check JEI, but mainly used to craft sponges. 
  • Fae Merestone, found in plains and flowering forests and requires a stone pickaxe or greater to break. Drops Fairy Petals and some other stuff like gold nuggets, glowstone dust, and flowers. Fairy Petals can upgrade Gold Gear into Diamond saving ruined portal loot and easing off early game grinding. 
  • Rot Wood Logs, found in taigas in fallen logs and can be broken with you bare hands. Drops mushrooms, rot wood bark, and has a 1/20ish chance to drop a Rot Spore. Useful for making Lacquer, and converting grass into Podzol/Mycelium. 
  • Chaos Fissure, found in jungles within Andesite and requires a diamond pickaxe or greater to break. Drops one Chaos Wisp. Used to make Warping Scrolls for teleporting shenangians and creating Chaostone which can be harvested for ender pearls. 
  • Materia Ore, found deep in the ground all around usually encased by obsidian. Requires a netherite pickaxe to break. Drops one to, I wanna say, three? Ish? Materia. Used for Alchemy, more on that down below.


There are five rare shrines that can be found out in the world. Or, you can just build them if you know how. Right clicking the center block of a shrine with a matching scroll type will unseal its full potential (giving you like 26 minutes of potion effects or quad-smelting ores)

  • Water Shrines are found in deep oceans and requires dark prismarine, Undastone, prismarine bricks, sea lanterns, and a diamond block to build. Boosts a Water Scroll's power.
  • Earth Shrines are found in plains and requires podzol, Lirostone, mossy stone bricks, chiseled stone bricks, and an emerald block to build. Boosts an Earth Scroll's power.
  • Fire Shrines are found in deserts and requires, nether gold ore, Ignistone, nether bricks, glowstone, and a gold block to build. Boosts a Flame Scroll's power.
  • Air Shrines are found floating among mountains and requires quartz bricks, quartz pillars, chiseled quartz, and Aerstone to build. Boosts an Air Scroll's power.
  • Alchemist's Shrines are found deep below the surface encased in basalt and obsidian. They require magma, Mateirastone, coal blocks, blackstone bricks, blast furnaces, and a netherite block to build. Boosts the power of an Alchemic Scroll allowing you to quad-smelt whatever vanilla ore is in your off-hand hand.

Block Interactions


This might not contain all the block interactions but it's all the major ones.

  • Shift-right clicking an Unda Shard in the Nether will make it explode into Ghast Tears.
  • Right clicking farmland with Liro Seeds will product a bunch of seeds. Likewise, right clicking (or shift-right clicking where necessary) on certain villager blocks or bee nests will provide other useful Liro trades. If you're playing with Tinkers I'd recommend right clicking on a Smithing Table with Liro Seeds.
  • Shift-right clicking with Ignis Dust in your main hand and a stick in your off-hand while in lava will convert the stick into 5-20ish blaze rods.
  • Shift-right clicking with an Aer Crystal in your main hand and a piece of leather in your off-hand while above Y-119 will convert it into 5-20ish Phantom Membranes.
  • Submerging Thalmirabite Dust will convert it into Hydromirabite which can be bound together with slime to make a sponge.
  • Right clicking a Mirastone with glowstone dust will turn it into Lumirastone.
  • Right clicking Compacted Fairy Petals with glowstone dust will make it glow.
  • You can hide a Death Scroll in any of the base scrolls (Flame, Water, Earth, Air) by crafting them together. Then give it to a friend.
  • You can turn turn Grass into Podzol by right clicking with Rot Wood Bark, and you can turn Podzol into Mycelium the same way.
  • You can right click an obsidian block with a Chaos Wisp to make Chaostone. In the process you'll get teleported within 50 blocks and get some ender pearls. You can make the range of the random teleporting bigger by surrounding it with a ring of obsidian. And even further (5000 block range) by surrounding it with obsidian, crying obsidian, and Chaostone in the corners. You'll get more ender pearls this way too. You can also convert Chaostone back into Obsidian with a hoe, yielding some pearls.
  • Alchemic Scrolls are explained in the Advancements tab, but you can also turn Skulls into Wither Skulls and potatoes into poison potatoes. 
  • If you are in peaceful, you can build a wither and right click with Materia on the center of the structure to get a Nether Star.
  • Lacquer can be put on vanilla woods to make them pretty, fire-proof, and slightly more blast resistant and can be stripped back to normal with an Axe.
  • You can shove Cobble into Magma Blocks to make Igneous Rock. 
  • Right-clicking Igneous Rock with Charcoal will re-heat it to Magma and produce 4 Gunpowder.
  • You can also right-click Igneous Rock with blaze powder to reheat it.

I think that's pretty much everything!

This mod was made pretty specifically for me and my tastes, but hopefully some other peaceful-mode players will enjoy it too!

Modification files
Curious_Lands_1.1.1.jar - Curious Lands latest version1.41 MB


  • Added in JEI support.
  • Tweaked some drop rates.
  • Compacting Fairy Petals now gives 4 blocks instead of 1.
  • You can now uncompact Rot Wood Bark.


  • Added Lacquered slabs, doors, fences, fence gates, and stairs for all vanilla wood types
  • Added recipe for Lacquering wood in crafting grids
  • Added Creative Tab for all things Lacquered
  • Touched up textures for Slimy Clay and Grave Soil
  • Added Mirastone slabs, walls, and stairs
  • Made Webbed Podzol farmable by placing a cobweb on top of Webbed Podzol block. It'll spread to adjacent podzol in X and Z by one block. If you have Cobweb waiting, it'll continue to spread.
  • Webbed Podzol can now be harvested by right-clicking with a sword although it will only drop string and spider eyes unlike the block which can drop string, spider eyes, fermented spider eyes, and cobwebs when broken
  • Made Grave Soil farmable. If an entity dies on top of Soul Sand or Soul Soil there is a 1/4 chance it'll convert into Grave Soil.
  • Made Thalmirabite Deposits farmable by placing Thalmirabite Dust under Sandstone, over time it'll draw out any moisture in the sandstone revealing hidden Thalmirabite and converting the dust below into Hydromirabite Clusters
  • Hydromirabite Clusters can now be converted back into Thalmirabite Dust smelting or placing in the nether


  • First public Beta release

Definitely worth it, this mod is already in my MCreator's top10 in terms of texturing it seems :D I'm yet to play it, but I love the idea of peacefully obtaining resources.
If I could suggest something, it could be that these ores/blocks giving you peacefully resources could be generated in some weird way (just like cobblestone/basalt in vanilla), of course it could be respectively more difficult. I know not many people use that, but I'd love to see possibility to build farms/have potentially infinite amount of these blocks.
And if my idea of creating YouTube videos on modded farming succeed, I can also cover all farms I will create with this mod :D

It's definitely something I'll think about! Right now the closest thing I can think about is turning Magma into Igneous Rock by filling it with Cobble then putting a piece of Charcoal into the Igneous Rock to make Gunpowder. I'm pretty sure, although I'm not a Create expert, it can be automated using Create. On one side a Cobblestone generator conveyed into an Automatic Crafter to turn it into Cobble and then sent to a Deployer to put it into the Magma and then on the other side a Tree Farm which makes Charcoal which then uses a Deployer to place it into the Igneous Rock.

But I'd be down to look into ways to make the base four ores (Unda, Ingis, Liro, and Aer) somehow renewable with a block interaction set up similar to Basalt. If anything it'd make for a nice end-game type goal!

SUPER COOL MOD! I really like the textures of the ores and blocks, looks exactly like vanilla minecraft!