Mineral Galore! - Tons of new gems and metals!

Submitted by UnderWaves on Fri, 07/05/2019 - 12:19
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3.3 is out! Craft a magic Amulet with the new Opal!

Discover the new utility blocks! The Water Purifier allows you to purify your bucket of Contaminated Water, at the price of an Aragonite Crystal. The Gas Distiller allows you to turn some materials into gas, like converting Arsenic into Arsine gas!

3.0 also brought a dangerous ranged weapon, the Arsine Cannon! This thing consumes Arsine Cannon Shells, that can be crafted by placing a Brass Ingot, 1 unit of Gunpowder and 1 unit of Arsenic Powder in the crafting grid. It is as durable as a bow, but 3 times less range. To compensate this major weakness, its bullets have a special feature : the bullets deal high damage when hitting a single mob, but if they hit the ground, they EXPLODE!!!!

The first version of a WIP advancement system has been released in 3.2.

Here's a list of the actual minerals followed by their implement version. I'll only talk about minerals because I don't want to spoil you every item. Oh, and try using JEI for this mod, as some recipes may be hard to discover.

  • Aquamarine (1.0) : this cool blue-green gem can be found below Y=48, slightly rarer than Iron. Used to craft tools similar to Iron, but with double durability! Since 3.2, spawn only under rivers, oceans, beaches, swamplands and all of their variants.
  • Topaz (1.0) : this orange gem can be found below Y=30, and is approximately as rare as Diamonds. It can be used to craft tools slightly better than Diamonds, but more fragile.
  • Sulfur (1.1) : can be found at any altitude, under the form of yellow veins. Mining it will inflict you a short Nausea, because the real-life Sulfur smells terrible! It's rarer than coal and allows to smelt 12 items per Sulfur unit. Its block form can smelt a total of 120 items!!!
  • Smoky Quartz (1.1) : this rare mineral can be found sometimes at any altitude in the Nether, in small veins. Use it to craft a dark-tinted deco block, or a powerful armor that grants several potion buffs (along with a sticky Blindness effect).
  • Sapphire (1.2) : this somewhat rare mineral can be found at the same depth and rarity as Diamonds. The gems can be used to craft tools that are more durable than Diamonds! 2.0.1 brought a new Supersword Part that you can build with Sapphire.
  • Agate (1.2) : this very pretty crystal can be found between Y=32 and Y=64. Its only purpose is decoration, and can be crafted into a translucent colored block that can be used as luxury glass. Before 1.3, there was only Pink agate, but since, there is four colors : Pink, Blue, Brown and Green!
  • Pyrite (1.2) : every geology amateur knows pyrite is iron and sulfur. Then this ore, that you can find below Y=64, will drop a Pyrite Crystal that you can refine at the ore Dissocier to obtainr andomly Iron and Sulfur! Or since 2.3, you can craft a pickaxe from it ; this tool can destroy stone faster than gold, but can't mine anything else.
  • Zircon (1.3) : oooh, a Diamond!!! That's strange, we're only at Y=32... uhh nope, it was just a Zircon. Use it to craft tools that have the same efficiency as Stone tools, but ten times more durable!
  • Cuprite (2.0) : you'll have to venture into the extreme depths to discover this one. Hidden below Y=16, slightly resembling the Redstone, you can refine it in a Furnace to obtain Copper Ingots... then make Copper Nuggets the same way you'd create Gold Nuggets, and mix them with Zinc to obtain Brass!
  • Steel (2.0) : just smelted your Iron? Then put it again in your Furnace! The carbon emitted by the fuel combustion will be absorbed by the melting metal, that will turn into Steel. This new alloy can be used to craft tools that have the same efficiency as Iron, but 50% more durable! A good alternative to Aquamarine, while you're searching for the cyan gems. Since 3.1, Steel Tools quickly corrode when exposed to rain.
  • Phosphorus (2.0) : highly flammable!!! Discover Phosphorite Ore in the depths, refine the Phosphorite in the Ore Dissocier and obtain raw pure Phosphorus, that can be used as fuel, as replacement for coal and gunpowder in the Fire Charge recipe, or to craft Matches, along with Sulfur! Then place eight matches around a Paper to obtain a Matchbox, that has the same usage as the Flint and Steel but four times more durable!!
  • Aragonite (2.0) : this sublime orange crystal can be used to craft swords, and a Supersword Blade!!! Since 3.0, you can use it to purify Contaminated Water at a Water Purifier!
  • Spinel (2.0.1) : can only be found in Extreme Hills biomes, coming in two variants : Blue and Black. Each one can be used to craft a Blade Part, and the two Blade Parts can be then combined to create a brand new Supersword Blade! Also allows to create an armor set since 2.1.
  • Amethyst (2.1) : this purple ore can be found in the Nether, at any altitude and is a little less common than regular Quartz. It can be used to craft a new decorative transparent block that you can use as glass.
  • Realgar (3.0) : mine this ore approximately everywhere underground, refine the Realgar Crystals at the Ore Dissocier and obtain Arsenic! From now on, be careful : Arsenic randomly poisons you when you have it in inventory. Now take some Glass Bottles, use your Gas Distiller to obtain pure Arsine Gas, and surround an Iron Block with eight Arsine Bottles to obtain an Arsine Canister, that you can attach below your Arsine Cannon!!
  • Zinc (3.1) : mine Sphalerite below Y=32 and refine it at the Ore Dissocier to obtain Zinc Ingots. Turn the ingots into nuggets and use them to coat your new Steel Pickaxe, effectively protecting them from rain corrosion! Or coat a single Zinc Nugget with Copper Nuggets to craft a Brass Ingot. NYI : Coated Steel tools will receive a durability buff.
  • Brass (3.1) : this alloy can be obtained by crafting Zinc and Copper Nuggets together. Use it to craft Electrical Wires, Arsine Cannon Shells (along with some Arsenic and Gunpowder) or a new set of patterned decorative blocks!
  • Zirconium (3.1) : extract this bright metal from Zircons at the Ore Dissocier. It allows to craft a dangerous sword (that will need rebalancing, because that single sword is stronger than a Supersword yet)! NYI : will also allow to create tools that will be two times more durable as raw Zircon Tools, and with the efficiency of Iron!
  • Titanium (3.2) : mine Rutile under Y=32, and be ready for anything. Filter a Water Bottle at the Distillator to obtain some Salt, place it in the Refinery to separate the chlorine, and use the Chlorine pellets along with Rutile at the Distillator to create a vial of Titanium Tetrachloride. Then refine again this liquid to finally obtain some Titanium... oh, and this is the REAL industrial process of Titanium extraction. Can be used to craft tools that have efficiency of Iron, but with 130% of the diamond's durability!
  • Flint (3.3) : can be found under the form of black deposits, in the surface Dirt. Drops regular Flint when mined, but is quite rare...
  • Opal (3.3) : this magic gem can be rarely found in the Nether. Craft a Pickaxe, a Supersword Part of a Bayleaf Amulet, a mystic object said to greatly empower anyone who holds it in hand...
  • Bauxite (3.3) : found anywhere below Y=32, this ore can be refined into a bunch of stuff, but the most important thing it gives is Aluminium. Use it to craft a super-resistant Sword, or some cans to compactly store your food.

This mod also adds a category of powerful weapons known as Superswords. They can be created by assembling a Hilt and a Blade together! Don't limit to the same material, craft hybrids Superswords with unique powers! Each one has some specific parameters and buffs, like the Amegonite Supersword randomly granting Regeneration! (only to the players of course, why would I make a Supersword heal the enemy??)


  • Plutonium : when mined, this ore releases a powerful explosion that damages blocks and triggers nearby Plutonium ores, in a chain reaction. Don't stand close!
  • Azurite : a blue crystal that will be used to craft armor, and maybe a Supersword Piece. Blocks of Azurite placed on the ground slowly oxide into Malachite, slightly stronger but less durable than Azurite.
  • Corundum : a colorful gem that can be used to craft some armor.
  • Moonstone : will be used to craft a special secret weapon...
  • Silver : a future Supersword Part?
Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development
  • 1.0 - The First Steps : Added aquamarine and topaz gems, ores, blocks and tools.
  • 1.1 - Smells Awful : Added sulfur and smoky quartz.
  • 1.2 - Underground Lottery : Added sapphire, agate and pyrite. Changed sulfur ore texture, and added a crafting recipe for the Smoky Quartz Armor.
  • 1.3 - A Color World Beneath Your Feet : Added the first Supersword, three new Agate colors and Zircon, whose ore looks like diamonds. Fixed Pink Agate dropping ore blocks instead of Agate Chunks, corrected Agate and Smoky Quartz transparency, and changed some ore spawn frequencies (notably Aquamarine being more frequent than Iron).

  • 2.0 - Dissociation : Added a second Supersword, the Ore Dissocier, and the ores Cuprite, Aragonite and Phosphorite. Added Steel, Copper Wires, Matchbox, and Refinery Waste. Corrected the Green Agate item texture, and made some rebalancings in the ore spawn frequencies (notably Sulfur being more frequent than Coal). And um, changed the internal ID of the mod so you'll not be able to transfer any older world to 2.0.
    • 2.0.1 - Symbiosis : Added Spinel, coming in Blue and Black variants, and a new Supersword.
  • 2.1 - Toxic Ground : Added Amethyst and Contaminated Water. Added Spinel Armor and a new Supersword. Fixed Match and Matchbox bugs.
  • 2.2 - Power Blades : Added eight new Superswords and two new Superswords Parts. Added a reserved creative tab for Superswords, and changed the spawn settings for Spinel, now making it spawn only in Extreme Hills biomes. But warning, as the algorithm is a little bugged and will also destroy every Spinel Ore manually placed outside from Extreme Hills.
  • 2.3 - Dissociation Recrafted : Corrected the entire Ore Dissocier system, it now works perfectly. Added Pyrite Block, Pyrite Gem, and Pyrite Pickaxe. Modified Aragonite Ore texture.

  • 3.0 - Noxious Aura : Added Realgar Ore, Water Purifier, Gas Distiller and Arsine Cannon. Corrected some spawn frequencies and rebalanced some Superswords.
  • 3.1 - Oxidation : Steel tools will now corrode while exposed to the rain. Added Zinc ore, Brass alloy, Zirconium and Zirconium Sword.
  • 3.2 - TItanium : Added Flint Deposits, Rutile Ore, Titanium, and all the stuff used to refine Titanium. Added Titanium Tools. Introduced an early-created advancement system, and made various rebalancings. Changed spawn conditions for Aquamarine, now spawning only in some biomes.
  • 3.3 - Superstitions : Added Flint Ore, Opal and Bauxite. Added Bayleaf Amulet and Aluminium cans, along with two new food items : Fruit Salad and MRE. Fixed Aquamarine textures, upgraded advancement system.

Nice mod and textures :)
The Sulfur block texture seems a little blocky though.

Nice mod!
`(i too have a gem mod)`
Although you should probs change the color of pyrite and the pyrite block to this shade (RGB 255, 255, 204)
and good luck with modding!

Actually the real pyrite is a little dark, and 255,255,204 a little too bright for this... (I know what I'm talking, I've a handful of pyrite crystals in my shelves.) But thanks for the advice ;)
I'll see what your mod looks like, good luck for modding it too!
- UnderWaves

And erm, the block you saw below the pyrite sign isn't a pyrite block, it's just a regular iron block
That's because pyrite is a iron and sulfur crystal, and I'm too lazy to create a refinery so I'll just stick to make the pyrite randomly drop iron and sulfur

Submitted by ultrasquid on Sat, 07/06/2019 - 00:16

this mod looks great! If vanilla minecraft were to release an ores update, i would expect it to look like this. hope the mod gets better and better! P.S. please check out my mod, the myst.

your mod looks great man. Don't worry, I'm always working on new content and since I'm very persistent, I think I'll not stop until every existing mineral in the world is represented!

Good mod, you should just improve the texture of that orange ore in the image (I don't know which one is it) :)
PS: If I were you, I would make Pyrite have a similar texture to Gold XD