Published by Lands on Sat, 10/02/2021 - 14:16
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New ores:

  • ruby ore (used to craft new items, additional value for the )
  • bone ore 

new blocks:

  • ruby block
  • ruby wood log
  • ruby wood
  • ruby wood planks
  • ruby wood stairs
  • ruby wood slab, and more

new items:

  • ruby
  • ruby bone
  • ruby apple
  • ruby piece
  • ruby little piece,and more


  • "Finally I get ruby" (get ruby)
  • "I am a fighter" (craft ruby sword)
  • "So yummy" (eat ruby apple)
  • "RubyToolBlock craft" (replace RubyToolBlock)
  • "I am a God" (get ruby sword level 4)
  • "Rubyland is here" (find rare biome Rubyland)
  • "I am rich" (get 64 rubies)
  • "I am richer than a rich guy" (get 64 ruby blocks)

plus crafting tables:

  • rubyToolBlock
  • ruby compressor

crafts, tools, one biome and one creepy hostile mob.

This mod add diversity 

All that you can find here!

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