Jacie's Gems and Metals (WIP)

Published by JacieFacie on Mon, 11/04/2019 - 16:25
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Hello people, Jacie here to bring you tools and armor for Prismarine and other vanilla materials, as well as adding more metals and gems for you to use! Currently, it is a work in progress, so there won't be too much content at first, so suggestions are welcome!


Content so far includes:

  • Coal armor and tools
  • Flint block, armor, and tools
  • Redstone Dust armor and tools
  • Redstone armor and tools
  • Emerald armor and tools
  • Nether Quartz armor and tools
  • Prismarine armor and tools
  • Lapis armor and tools
  • Redstone Chunk
  • Polisher
  • Cast Iron Ore, Cast Iron Block, Cast Iron Ingot, and Cast Iron tools and armor
  • Alexandrite Ore, Alexandrite Block, Raw Alexandrite, Polished Alexandrite, and Alexandrite Multitool
  • Black Diamond Ore, Black Diamond Block, Black Diamond, and Black Diamond armor and tools
  • Hessonite Ore, Hessonite Block, Raw Hessonite, Polished Hessonite, and Hessonite armor and tools
  • Lavastone
  • Beans, Bean Bushes, Bean Soup

I'll add some more diamond colors, a bunch of new gems and metals, a few achievements, and I'll give Lavastone a purpose, other than decoration.

Hope you enjoy the mod!

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Nice mod :)
A bit more detail in the description never goes amiss though.

Submitted by Adi_MC on Mon, 11/18/2019 - 10:44

I like this mod! But I couldn't find any lavastone, hessonite, black diamond, bean products and alexandrite multitool. Maybe it's a bug?