Food Frenzy

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If you're fed up of Minecraft's limited supply of food, then check this out! The Food Frenzy mod allows you to craft and find brand new foods, never before in Minecraft. Including Pizza, Hamburgers, Haribos and more, this mod will make your gameplay SO much more fun! As an added bonus, some foods have special effects that make gameplay even better! For the crafting recipes and details on what this mod adds, check out this link:


Have fun!


Note: If the game crashes while creating/loading a world, make sure that your render distance is really low. Then, once the world has loaded, you can turn it back up again.

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Food Frenzy.jar - The download for Food Frenzy mod.66.1 KB

18/05/2020: Final version of the mod uploaded. This Mod is finished unless bugs are found.