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This mod adds a lot of cool stuff (Wow it's almost like that is in the title) and focuses on making something useless things more useful!

Version 1.1 of the mod is out and that makes it so that the mod has:

15 new blocks!
22 new materials and items!
15 new food items!
23 unique weapons!
1 new biome!
And 2 new mobs! (Really? Only 2?)
For a total of 78 (unique) new things!


Here's an overview of all the interesting stuff in the mod: 

Base stats: 4.5 Attack Damage, and 1.7 Attack Speed.
M2 ability: Plays Pepper Steak, no, you cannot stop this.
On hit: Does more damage to "unpure" creatures (Undead and Ghosts), and plays a special sound effect.
Crafting Recipe: Made with 2 Ectoplasm and 1 Stick. (You get Ectoplasm from killing Suffocated Ghosts in the new Ash Desert biome)

Base stats: Half the Damage of a sword, and 3.2 Attack Speed (3.6 for the Gold Scythe).
Crafting Recipe: 3 of the material and 2 Sticks.

Base Stats: 2.5 Attack Damage, and 1 Attack Speed.
M2 ability: Gives the weapon Sharpness VIII with a Cooldown of 3 seconds and Exhausts the Player.
On hit: Removes Sharpness VIII


The Volcanic Ash Desert biome
The Volcanic Ash Biome

How to obtain Thunder and Thunder Blocks? 
Make a Weather Report (1 Feather, 1 Copper Bar, 1 Ink Sac and 1 Paper), that will start a thunderstorm, next make and place a Lightning Rod, Now when lighting bolt falls near one you will get a Thunder Block!

All ranged weapons in the mod

More stuff coming soon! If you have any suggestion then say it, maybe I'll add them next!

Modification files
biellesmod- on: 11/24/2023 - 13:48   File size: 3.8 MB
biellesmod1.0.1.jarUploaded on: 11/02/2023 - 19:27   File size: 3.66 MB

Version 1.0.0
Added: Polar Bear Hat, Miner's Jacket, Dolphin Boots, Iron Rocket, Obsidian Rocket, Plasma Rocket, Triple Rocket, Wood Scythe, Stone Scythe, Iron Scythe, Gold Scythe, Diamond Scythe, Netherite Scythe, Polar Bear Fur, Polar Fur Block, Polar Bear Claws, Red Coated Polar Bear Fur, Red Coated Polar Fur Block, Dorsal Fin, Sharp Shooter, Spread Shot, Copper Bullet, The Badlands' Rapid Fire,The Jungle's Slow Hunter, Paper Bullet, Bananana, Bananana Stick, Bananana Split, Bananana Shake, Apple Shake, Ash, Florecinza, Ash Bucket, Ashstone, Cut Ashstone, Smooth Ashstone, Burnt Beef, Meteorite Block, Meteorite Brick, Cobbled Meteorite, Bordeless Cobbled Meteorite, Smooth Meteorite Block, Pew Pew Projectile Emitter, Cupcake, Cupcake In a Plate, Thunder, Thunder Block, Thunder Wand, Weather Report, Corn, Corn Block, Popcorn, Popcorn In a Bowl, Cooked Corn, Cooked Corn In a Stick, Danger Stripes, Crimson Spear, Warped Glave, O Tanto, Ectoplasm, The Batter's Bat, Frozen Flesh, Ash Cow, Suffocated Ghost and Guit

Version 1.0.1
Changed Cupcake speed buff from 15 seconds to 5
Changed Plasma Rocket Crafting Recipe

Version 1.1.0
O Tanto: is now unobtainable in survival mode
Polar Bear Claws: Sprite changed to a 3d model.
Cupcake: 5 seconds of speed -> 2.5 seconds. Now gives 3 Cupcakes instead of 9 on craft, crafting is now shapeless.
Iron Rocket: 3 seconds of speed -> 1.5 seconds, Cooldown changed from 4 seconds to 6.
Obsidian Rocket: Now gives speed 1 instead of 2, 4 seconds of speed -> 2 seconds, Cooldown changed from 5 seconds to 5.5. Now requires End Crystal to be made.
Plasma Rocket: Cooldown changed from 2 seconds to 5. Now requires Shulker Shell to be made.
Triple Rocket: 10 seconds of speed -> 30 seconds, Cooldown changed from 5 seconds to 1 minute.
Added: Froglight Leggings, Leather Glove, Ninja Hood, Ninja Chestplate, Ninja Leggings, Ninja Boots, Ninja Cloth, Smoke Bomb, Kunai, Book of Endermen, Evoker Fang Jaws, Fang Comb, Thorn Biter Wand, Eye Staff, Life Draining Bat Staff, Bat Sunglasses, Bat Eye and Eye Soup

Version 1.1.1
Added 8 new advancements
Bat Sunglasses now only gives Night Vision during day

Now Bat Eyes drop from Bats and not Evokers

I'm working on update 1.1. It's going to have 14 new items, and with the way it's going I think by november 17 it will be out