[JaTM #3] Cracked Stone Mod

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Here, a super tiny mod adding just one, decorative block (like the next one). Being just a decorative block, cracked stone isn't very much useful.

I guess it will get deleted because of being too small. I could make an ultimate mod with all deleted JaTM mods if they will get.

PS: JaTM means Just a Tiny Mod, it's a series of mods suggested on reddit or other media that just add some tiny things to minecraft instead of super large system of things. The mods won't get updates unless a bugfix.


Modification files
Cracked Stone Mod v.1.0.jar - just a download file, again, again61.97 KB


- Relase

Nice block
I suggest including all the mods in a single page because if you make lots of little separared mods people won't notice them :(

I like the full sided "furnace" texture, could you do a front piston texture?