Advanced Vanilla Anscencion (out of date)

Published by Theogtm on Sun, 11/19/2017 - 00:02
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This mod adds a large variety of items that in my opinion should exist in the game such as obsidian emerald redstone armors etcin addition to generating emerald ore around the world.But also adds more monster and a mineral Q-Carbon took a few months to complete it although it is not very big inspirations are part original and part based but I hope you like and good luck. (see on MinecraftCurseforge)

Modification files
AvA 1.0.0.jar308.62 KB
AvA 1.0.1.jar - Bug Fix557.86 KB
AvA 1.1.0.jar - New Q-Carbon and overheated fuel texture324.57 KB
AvA 1.2.0.jar - Bug fix , new mob the Nightcrawler, texture fix349.22 KB


Can you port this to 1.10 for me for use in a modpack pls?

Ok I will update my mod to 1.12 but it can be delayed because when updating using a mcr file all mods bugam ie I will have to recreate it to 1.12 (the most updated version to 1.7.10 advanced-vanilla-ascencion added more things)