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Tech Craft is a mod that adds new materials and technology by making new metals called alloys. Alloys have unique properties based on their original materials such as Grion which has the properties of iron and the enchantability of gold. When you fuse metals together in the Fuser you get unrefined clumps. You must refine it with Bluestone in the Refinery then you can craft other machines that can help you in you your world.


Fuser - Iron Ingot + Gold Ingot/Diamond/Emerald + Bluestone = Grion/Irondium/Irald Clump

Refinery - Clump + Bluestone = Corresponding Ingot

Compressor - 4 Ingot + Bluestone = Corresponding Block

Part Forge - 2 ingots = Blade / 3 Ingots = Cross Guard / 1 stick + 1 ingot = Grip and Pommel

Weapon Forge - Blade + Cross Guard + Grip and Pommel = Sword / 2 stick + Irald/Emerald = Corresponding Staff

Metal Blocks - Decoration Only


Unrefined Clumps - Useless, must refine in Refinery

Grion / Irondium Ingots - Used to make Blocks and Swords

Irald - Used to make Irald Wand and Irald Block

Bluestone - Used in Fusing, Refining, and Compressing Processes

Weapon Parts (Blade, Cross Guard, Grip and Pommel) - Used to make Corresponding Sword


Grion Sword - Enchantability of Gold and Durability and Damage of Iron (6 Damage)

Irondium Sword - Enchantability of Iron (Better than Diamond) and Durability and Damage of Diamond (7 damage)

Irald Staff - 10 damage per shot, 0.5 second cooldown, ammo - Irald, when bullet hits ground drops Unrefined Irald Clump

Emerald Staff - 2 damage per shot. no cooldown, no ammo, when bullet hits ground drops nothing



Modification files
ALLOY-0.1.0-indev.jar - First VersionUploaded on: 04/12/2020 - 23:34   File size: 113.15 KB
techcraft-0.1.2-indev.jar - Current Version (Yes I skipped 0.1.2)Uploaded on: 04/14/2020 - 18:57   File size: 329.19 KB

Refined Grion Ingot (Working)

Refined Irondium Ingot (Working)

Refined Irald Ingot (Woking)

Grion Sword

Irondium Sword

Irald Staff

Grion Block

Irondium Block

Irald Block

Emerald Staff

MOD RENAME - Tech Craft

Fixed All Mod Elements

Deleted Creative Menues


Changed Fuser Redstone to Bluestone

Part Forge

Weapon Forge

Grion Blade

Grion Cross Guard

Grion Grip and Pommel

Irondium Blade

Irondium Cross Blade

Irondium Grip and Pommel

Nice mod, but I think it would be a lot better if you used the second image (the screenshot showing the features added by the mod) as the logo rather than the one used currently... You would get a lot more downloads