Not Enough Diamonds

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'Not Enough Diamonds' is a mod for people, who are tired of having too many diamonds and not knowing what to do with them. This modification adds new usage to them (not so much btw), such as new crafting station, decorative elements, equipment, instruments and weapons.

List of things added by this mod:

  • blocks
  • items
  • armor


  • Diamond Door (decorative & functional block, functions as iron door)
  • Diamond Fragment Ore (drops Diamond Fragments; lore: it is formed after heavy earthquakes, which crushed usual diamond ore to this conditions)
  • 3 different paintings (decorative block)
  • Compressor (functional crafting station, without which most of the crafts from the mod are not possible)


  • Diamond Fragment (material, which drops from Diamond Fragment Ore and is used to: a) be compressed (9DFs to 1 Diamond); b) strengthen iron and gold instruments)
  • Diamond Apple (has slightly better effects than Golden Apple)
  • Enchanted Diamond Apple (can not be obtained in survival, has better effects than Enchanted Golden Apple)
  • Diamond Stick (must-have material in this mod)
  • Diamond Fishing Rod (has more durability than vanilla Fishing Rod)
  • Compressed Diamond (must-have material, used in crafts through compression)
  • Reinforced Iron and Golden Instruments (do not have better mining level, but better durability, mining speed and damage; are fixed on the Anvil with help of DFs)
  • Diamond Coin (new currency, used to trade with Villagers)
  • Netherite Coin (new currency, used to trade with Villagers, has more value than Diamond Coins)
  • Compressed Diamond Armor/Instruments Upgrade Templates (are used to craft upgrades for diamond armor and instruments)
  • Compressed Diamond Plate (used to craft compressed diamond armor in the Smithing Table)
  • Compressed Diamond Instrument Upgrades (used to craft compressed diamond instruments in the Smithing Table)
  • Compressed Diamond Instruments (have more durability than netherite instruments, mine faster, but not faster than golden instruments)


  • Compressed Diamond Helmet
  • Compressed Diamond Chestplate
  • Compressed Diamond Leggings
  • Compressed Diamond Boots
  • all armor elements have better durability than netherite armor, same armor toughness and no knockback resistance

 I tried to make this mod balanced and fair for survival. Share your ideas on how to make the mod better/on what should be fixed in the comments!

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