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Welcome everyone to the long awaited gryx's ores mod!
This mod is currently in a cut so errors are possible 
This mod adds (for now) 6 different ores (including 2 from previous mods)

It is worth remembering that this mod is not another boring mod about raw materials that only adds armor and tools. Every raw material in this mod has or will have an interesting use. And now I will describe individually what adds what raw material:


Generates from grid 1 to 18 and from -4 to -2
It adds a spell power block that replaces the biblites in the spell table. In addition to this, a rapier which is a fast weapon but not very powerful. And an amulet which accelerates the player for a while and gives him the effect of seeing in the dark.


only generate in warm biomes from 35 to 54

Its digging is different because we can only dig it with a pickaxe with a silk touch then its center falls out (which is the jade crystal) then this jade crystal has to be dug without a silk touch to get the jade
From jade we can make nice blocks, glass resistant to tnt explosions and the tool "jade max" which destroys glass and various lamps much faster

Hemetite generates from 92 to 252 bars and from -40 to -9

Hemetite can be used to make a healing block which, when clicked on, regenerates our life for a while. Such a block destroys with each click (after 3 clicks it destroys completely). From hemetite you can also make a totem which adds a few extra hearts for a while (and regenerates a few), but it does not work automatically, which makes it weaker than a normal totem. The last item is a scythe which is a healing weapon. When we hit a mob or player we heal 1.5 points of health, but when we do this the mob or player will get speed and strength for a while.


appears from a height of -50 to 40 but is very rare 

We can create a stone from it, which every click on it deals us points of damage, but in return gives us little exp (the stone destroys with every click). We also added an enchant (more exp) which increases the amount of exp points you get from the stone. Another thing is an exp pot which gives us exp points for the duration of the effect. The last thing from elbait is an expa beacon which spawns within 5x5 grids expa points every 5 seconds.


Generates from grid -10 to grid 10

You can make armor out of titanium (wait a minute didn't you write that there are no armor and tools in this mod?) so I wrote but this is the only exception. This armor is weaker than diamond armor and better than iron armor, and in addition, when we put it on we will be slower (this armor will still do something in the future) from titanium we can still make a shield, which is more durable than the ordinary one.


Sulfur is generated from 9 to 22 and -25 to -2
Sulfur can be used to create a magic lighter which can then be dyed with any dye. This way you can have a colorful fire! In addition, from sulfur you can make a fire detector that detects fire within a few bars.

-Black Quartz- 

It is generated in the nether from grid 0 to 105
This raw material can be used for building blocks and can be used to make 2 other things. The first is a moon tower which emits a redstone signal depending on the phase of the moon. The 2nd thing is a fast time block which, while standing on it, accelerates time, but for this it takes away our exp points 


Generates only on basalt delta from grid 0 to 95

From it you can currently only make a nickel relay. It works in such a way that after you give it redstone energy it emits that energy itself for 10 seconds 

Remember this is a beta version there are bugs and shortc

Modification files
Gry's Ores V0.1.jarUploaded on: 10/01/2023 - 15:17   File size: 611.06 KB
Gryx's Ores V0.12.jar - Version v0.12Uploaded on: 10/02/2023 - 18:47   File size: 655.45 KB
Gryx's Ores v0.15.jar - Version v0.15Uploaded on: 10/04/2023 - 18:24   File size: 660.92 KB
Gryx's Ores v0.2.jar - The NewsedUploaded on: 10/07/2023 - 17:14   File size: 691.9 KB

v0.1 - Mod  realse in beta 

 v0.12 - Added a "moon tower" that emits a redstone signal depending on the level of the moon cycle. In addition, elbait is already being generated. Also corrected some bugs with recipes ( and added some missing ones).

 v0.15 - A time block has been added which, when we cheap out on it, speeds up time but takes away our exp points. Several textures have also been changed 

 v0.2 - A new raw material "Nickel" has been added, which is generated only on the basalt delta in the black stone. Currently, only nickel relay can be made from it 
In addition, the option to burn through ore blocks has been added (because it was impossible before) and a bug that caused the exp potion not to work has been fixed.