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Added 11 ores


Amber - Spawn below y-32, Use to craft experience bottle, 30% chance to drop ancient creature fossils when mining. Fossil can be used to craft totem of undying.

Peridot -  Spawn below y-64, Get regeneration and a few seconds of bless of jewelry effects when used in the dark

Aquamarine - Spawn below y-64, Remove poison and wither effects or get a few seconds of water breathing and night vision, bless of jewelry when used

Phosphophyllite - Spawn below y-16, Get bless of jewelry for 8 minutes when used

Uranium - Spawn below y-16, Fuel for alchemy, exposed to radiation when in inventory.

Sodalite - Spawn in gravel, enchant a tool with 20 levels when used

Copper - Spawn below y-128, Can make tools

The Nether

Platinum - Can make equipment and used in alchemy.

Lead - Can make armor that makes you radiation resistance. Used in alchemy.

Artirite - Can only be obtained by alchemy. can make armor that makes you radiation resistance and heavy metal resistance

The End

Uru - Can make equipment stronger than netherite, only can smelted in blast furnace


Curse of Deep - Take damage when you jump or swim up

Bless of Jewelry - Keeps you from being cursed

Radiation Exposure - Randomly take 10 damage

Radiation Resistance - Keeps you from take radiation damage

Heavy Metal Poison - Randomly take 1 damage and get nausea

Heavy Metal Resistance - Keeps you from take heavy metal damage

Languages: English, Korean

I used a translator. sorry for bad grammar


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