Many More Ores

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Minecraft Forge mod
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A much larger mod than my first, but still, rather small compared to what I've seen, There's 11 ores, 12 tool sets, 8 armor sets, and 2 biomes, please give feedback, I will fix whatever bugs I can, whenever I can! I also, (might) take recommendations into account when doing a future update. My discord is The Gamer Mammot#8953, if you enjoy, please recommend to your friends, dont forget to credit me though!

Modification files

Released April 10th

Alpha: Added Dead Tools

Beta: small bugfixes, Ghost Logs and Leaves can now be walked through, Ghost Fruit can now be cooked

1.0.0 Bugfixes, new biome (good lock finding it to learn what it even is), new Mob, new block (no current purpose)