Traveler Mod

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This mod adds 2 new dimensions the ghost dimension and the cave dimension they come with a new boss and a couple mobs . (used to have generated building but they were to big and the computer kept yelling at me until I deleted them.) There are also 3 new ores which you will have fun finding them. They are as follows: Amethyst, Red world Ore, And Skystone. You can smelt red world ore and get dark world gems. They can craft a sword and armour. (I am too lazy to add The recipes ;) so just find them in the creative inventory.I will let you discover the rest. Have Fun and Be careful of the blue cloaked villager! ;) THERE IS A NEW DIMESION THE TWILIGHT WORLD A JUNGLELIKE DIMENSION WHICH HAS JADE ORE!! I HAVE NOT CHANGED THIS BECAUSE I DONT WANNA!

Modification files
BETTERMINECRAFT.jar - First Version Download File. DO NOT DOWNLOAD EXTREME BUG!Uploaded on: 08/08/2018 - 19:29   File size: 671.15 KB
TravelerMod!.jar.jar - Better 2nd Version Adds The Twilight World.Uploaded on: 08/11/2018 - 18:55   File size: 911.46 KB