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     Plio.nine is a mod about a liquified material named plionine. Plionine is a significant resource because it can used to make tools and weapons. I hope you will enjoy it!

|How to Get Plionine|

Plionine deposits are found in the ground just like ores. The difference is that it can't be mined. Plionine can be collected using an extractor.

This is how you craft an extractor.

You also will need a canister to store the plionine.

This is what a plionine deposit looks like. Simply right click on the block with an extractor to get the plionine.

This is what the deposit looks like after it's extracted. You can break it to get flint.

|How to Refine Plionine|

When you get your hands on some plionine, you can refine it.

This is how you craft a solid plionine refinery.

You will need a reactant to refine the plionine. Organic material will do.

Place down a refinery and get a plionine canister, coal, and organic material. Then right click on the refinery with the materials in your inventory.

When processing...


Right click on it and get a plionine canister back as well as two plionine material.

The material will be then smelted to make plionine plastic.

|Tools and Misc|

This is what can be used or made using plionine plastic.


Modification files
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Must have took you a long time. Great work on this, i'll try it tomorrow.

Its pretty simple. The best explanation for this is that he got a block full of plionine, then a empty plionine ore block. He got an extractor, collector, and filled collector, too (must make those 5 things first). Then, go into the full plionine or and put a stack function and set it to "if player has [] in hand", then in THAT stack make another one with a function of "If player has [] in inventory" then inside that one make it replace the block (filled plionine ore) with the empty block (empty plionine ore). Last, you can go ahead on make it replace the item thats in your inventory with the other thing which is supposed to be the filled tank. Only way i could do that is 'consume item form inventory [empty_tank]' then 'give player [filled_tank]'. Otherwise your on your own with that, hope this helps!