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Published by tjdog19 on Tue, 09/29/2020 - 08:39
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new update


fixed floating items


this addon will add some tasty treats into minecraft. i have made vinilla ice cream witch you can add melted chocolate to make chocolate ice cream and add mint to vinilla ice cream to make mint ice cream. you can make cookies and cream by getting vinilla ice cream and chocolate nuts. to make chocolate you can get a sapling and it will turn into coco beans witch then you can add milk and it will make chocolate nuts witch you can put that in the furnace to make hardered chocolate and put that into a crafting table by its self and you get chocolate, then put chocolate in furnace that makes melted chocolate . you can get milk mixed with chocolate nuts and add a plastic stick and ya make a chocolate milk. suager + mushroom+ tulip= dough + doughnut shaper= doughnut plain + melted chocolate = chocolate doughnut.plastic in circle with nothin in middle makes doughnut shaper. phone base+ screen+battiery=phone . ther are many more recipes and items. adds so much choices to minecraft u will be able to eat junk food, build a store in game use item frames as the shelves and people can sell laptops phones and lolies, items are... chocolate (milk,dark) oreos (= in a box or just an oreo) phone 3x (2 smart 1 old phone) ipad 2x laptop x1 lolliepop (lolies + stick) lollie milkshake (vinilla,chocolate,mint,strawberry) doughnut (plain,chocolate) (dogh) ice cream (chocolate,vinilla,cookies and cream,mint) iol ( fond in ground) iol dust (mad by smelting iol) plastic ( made iol dust + carboard + iron nugget) coco nuts [coco beans] {different to minecrafts one} melted chocolate (chocolate put in furnace (used to make choc doghnut and ice cream = chocolate)) chocolate nuts (made from coco beans= my verison) harderned chocolate ( coco beans + milk = chocolate nuts + furnace = harderned chocolate+ furnace = chocolate. this addon ads technology and lollies to Minecraft. 

you can only use this on bedrock

to get mod items say /give @s pack:    then pick what item you want!




floating items when holding items are now fixed in v4 update

Modification files

floating items when holding items are now fixed in v4 update

Nice mod,but if you want more downloads you have to have more images!With this images the people can see what is about this mod!

this mod is paused for further updates and bug fixes till 1st of 2021

i kind of have to recall this mod and stop working on it, its not popular, so uh no more updates and um i making a game on roblox called generic roleplay city its a rpg working game