Civilizations II { HIATUS }

Published by JzCraftFCR on Fri, 04/05/2019 - 09:12
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Civilizations II, like the original, aims to expand the possibilities a player has, by adding new blocks, items, dimensions, biomes, mobs and concepts, that are yet to be included in the base game. By using this mod, you’ll experience the game differently, you’ll experience it like you’ve never done before, you’ll find interest in this old, but still appreciated game and you’ll have fun, like when you were first discovering the fascinating game mechanics that this world offers.

Some Stats:

* 5 Biomes Added

* 22 Mobs Added

* Over 100 Blocks Added

* 8 Ores Added

* 10 Structures Added

* 1 Dimension Added

* Total 640 Mod Elements Added





Basic Tutorial:

Civilizations II offers you a wide variety of things, some of which you may never experience. For the builders, we’ve got new building blocks that could come in handy. Just look at them!Blocks! For those of you interested in weapon skins and virtual gambling, we’ve got cases!


For those of you who want to blow stuff up, we’ve got the goods!

For those of you returning from Civilizations, we’ll welcome you with open arms!


If you don’t want stuff spoiled, then don’t read this. Otherwise, I’ll advise you to be careful around blue rocks, they’re quite dangerous, blow them up with TNT instead.

You’ll need to create a Limbo Portal, like so :

However, be careful. As we mentioned above, Limbo is a very dangerous place!

After you obtain your blood gear, you can move on to the final stage of the game, in which you’ll mine Lead-Zinc ore and be able to make modern weapons and blocks. How exciting!

Come around to our official server!




Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
nA_0.zip70 bytes


-Added Anniversary Day 2019 Items

-Nerfed Crusader Items # End of Redland Crusade Event #
-Reworked Observer Explosion # max level is now 10 #
-Poison Frogs don't give poison anymore, cus that crashes the server

2 Years of Civilizations. Now how's that?
What were you doing exactly two years ago? Cus I was releasing Civs I for the first time... Is what i would've said if i released this on the 30th, damn it..
Alot has changed since then and I wanna thank everyone who's been here with us.
Expect an update tomorrow and another announcement.

Thanks to the moderators for fixing the issue with the first upload


-Added Snowsandbags
-Added Redsandbags
-Added Volcanic Block. When Redstone on, will set fire to entities on top of it
-Added Flax Seed
-Added Parquetry

-All sandbags place their respective sand block when broken
-Reduced Zirconia Spawnrate 10 times
-Copper, Lens, Zirconia, Blood and Checkered blocks can now be turned back to their respective crafting elements
-Glowing mushrooms can now be sheared

-Boomer hitbox is now the proper size

First Update! I know that I haven't added much, but still, here you go. Also, happy Easter to any westerners! Or if you celebrate it next sunday, then happy Palm Day! And if you fall into neither group then just ignore that part.