Lummy's++ Worlds Additions

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Mod's Specialities:

+5 Bosses

+10 Loot Tables

+10 Custom Mobs

+80 Custom Tools

+40 Custom Items

1 Custom Dimension

+3 Custom Biomes

+50 Custom Blocks

+5 Custom Structures

+100 Custom Functions & Procedures

Mod's Content Other Screenshots:

Cheese Rat TrapCheese Rat Trap After a Rat Gets CloseGlass FournitureInsantor Tools & Armors EffectsKatana + Insantor ArmorMobs ControllerUpgradable MultiToolsRecycle BinUpchanting Table

Suitable For Low-End Devices (With Low Video Settings):

RAM: 4Gb=<

GPU: built-in

CPU: Intel i5-6500 / AMD Ryzen 3 4300U

Monitor: 1280x720 60Hz

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"Best Mod I've Ever Made In My Whole 3 Years Career Of MCreator Mod Developing"


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Modification files
lumc's++.wa_1.19.2__1.13.6.jar - Latest Lumc's++ Mod Version File Available For DownloadUploaded on: 09/17/2023 - 15:43   File size: 11.68 MB
lumc's++.wa_1.19.2__1.13.52.jar - Old Lumc's++ Mod Version FileUploaded on: 07/20/2023 - 11:33   File size: 11.57 MB
minecraft_plus_1.18.2__1.9.5.jar - Older Lumc's++ Mod Version FileUploaded on: 06/29/2023 - 14:19   File size: 12.28 MB
minecraft_plus_1.18.2__1.9.3.jar - Oldest Lumc's++ Mod Version File Available For DownloadUploaded on: 06/27/2023 - 15:15   File size: 12.09 MB

1.0 :

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

added Upgradable MultiTools

added Log Stick + Recipe

added Bird Meat + Cooked Bird Meat

added Wings

added Dirty Socks

  • Mobs & Entities :

added White Rossignol

added Worm

added Rat

1.1 :

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

added Ammo + rcp

added Sniper + rcp

added Milk Extractor

added Yogurt + Cheese + Butter

added Butter Bread

added Cheese Rat Trap

added Bird Mouth

added Flying Staff

  • Mobs & Entities :

added Bicycle

1.2 :

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

added Lead + Copper + Obsidian + Emerald Ore (With Tools & Armor)

added Bridge + Oak Log Stairs + Oak Log Slab + Oak Log Fence + Oak Log Fence Gate + Oak Log Pressure Plate

added Lead + Emerald + Copper + Iron + Diamond Apples

1.3 :

  • Dimensions & Biomes :

added Dark Depths Biome

added Dark Depths Dimension

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

added Dark Depths Wood + Log + Planks + Leaves + Stairs + Slab + Fence + Fence Gate + Pressure Plate + Button

added Dark Depths Tools & Armor

added Dark Depths Grass Block

added Dark Depths Stone Slab + Stairs + Slab + Wall + Pressure Plate + Button

added Depths Apple

added Hard Cobble

added Cobblestone Armor

added Hard Diamond Item + Block + Tools + Armor

added Hard Diamond Nugget Tools

added Dark Depths Apple Leave

added Dark Depths Portal Lighter

  • Advancements :

added "To Dark Depths" : Got By Entering Dark Depths Dimension

1.4 :

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

added Thunder Hammer

added Mobs Controller + Key bindings

added Upchanting Table

added Upchanting Ore + Tools + Armor

added Bedrock Tools & Armor

added Bedrock Shard

added Cluster Ore + Tools + Armor

added Bedrock shards executer

added glass armor

added glass stairs + slab + door + trap door + button + pressure plate

added dirt slab + stairs

added grass stairs + slab

added Recycle Bin

added Corn Plant

added Corns

added corn seed

  • Mobs & Entities :

added Shark

1.5 :

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

added injections

added insantor soul

added Big Harming Potion

added insantor Tools & Armor with Custom ABILITIES

  • Mobs & Entities :

added insantor (BOSS)

added insantor minions

1.5w1 --> 1.5w9 (Pre-release Builds) :

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

added Sharp Cutting Wheel Gun

added Sharp Cutting Wheel

added Chainsaw

added Excellium as a Fuel Ore

added Deepslate Excellium Ore

added wheat plant

added wheat plant (edible)

added log pebbles (throwable)

added stone pebbles (throwable)

added Log Extractor

added Hammers (diamond + iron + wood + gold + stone)

added Diamond Nugget

added Sharp Cutting Wheel Pickaxe

added coal nugget as fuel

added emerald nugget

added Sharp Cutting Wheel axe

added capsyllium ore + tools + armor

added Katana Blade

added Katana

added insantor caller

edited Sharp Cutting Wheel to (Throwable)

added Packed Blood (block)

added vampire stake

added vampire fangs

added Titan Arum + Eastern Shunk Cabbage + Rafflesia Arnoldii Plant

added Bronze Ore + Tools + Armor

added Hard Diamond Nugget Armor

  • Structures:

added "Abandoned Hospital" Structure For The Insantor Boss

  • Mobs & Entities :

added Sweep Shoot (For Katana Purposes)

added Vampire BOSS

1.6 :

  • Structures:

added "Vampire Castle" Structure For The Vampire Boss

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

Fixed Bugs And Texture Errors

1.7 -> 1.7.5 :

  • Structures:

Fixed Bugs and Generating Errors

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

Fixed Bugs And Texture Errors And Procedures Errors

Fixed duplication errors for mana points in abilities menu

added some forgotten recipes in dark depths category

added few things (not really that important to mention here)

  • Mobs & Entities :

Fixed crashing when hitting a boss

fixed and changed bosses attacking ways

1.8.1 :

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

Added Mineral Factory Engine Block

Fixed Bugs And Procedures errors

  • Mobs & Entities :

fixed bosses attacking errors

1.8.4 :

  • Structures:

Fixed Bugs and Generating Errors

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

Fixed Bugs And Texture Errors And Procedures Errors
added AutoSmelter Item
added few things (not really important to mention here)

  • Mobs & Entities :

Fixed crashing when hitting a boss
fixed and changed bosses attacking style

1.9.3: (BIG UPDATE!)

  • Structures:

Added The Flying Eye Temple (For The Boss)

Added The Purple Mutant Castle (For The Boss)

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

Added AutoSmelter and fixed some items stealing errors

added valkost leather tools & armor

added deepslate ore versions for the og ores

added deserted ore version for iron & gold & emerald & coal ore

added purple mutant soul power (for tools and armor recipe)

added ender dragon scale (for SPECIAL tools and armor recipe)

added palm tree wood type

added dates and dates palm leaves for the palm tree

fixed errors and models bugs

  • Mobs & Entities :

 added Purple Mutant BOSS

added Flying Eye MiniBoss

added valkost cow

  • Biomes & Dimensions:

added Valkost Biome

added grence biome

added deserted palms biome


  • Structures:

added dungeons

added dark depths ruined portal

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

fixed errors and models bugs


Added LASER BLADES (Red + Blue + Green + Yellow)

  • Mobs & Entities :

fixed modellings errors

  • Biomes & Dimensions:

fixed deserted palms biome

added crypt forest (nether biome)


  • Structures:

 added dark depths Trees as structures for the dimension

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

fixed when sharp iron spear touches an entity or a block, it drops it self

added another recipe for upchanting table


added iron stick + recipe

added MOON LOARD BOSS Summoner item

made excellium & coal nuggets as Fuel sources items

added recipes for the colored glowstones

added DEMON CANDLES ans When placed 4 spaced with 1 block each it will spawn THE DEMON BOSS

added hell stone

added Banana + plant + seed + fruit bush

added crumbled bone

added Tungsten + Scheelite + Wolframite To Craft Tech machine

added planks + logs armor

added Lattice

added Minerals extractor

added sprouted palm tree seed

added ender nacre

added Demon hand

  • Mobs & Entities :

 Made Flying Eye a minion and Added their Bosses when using their summoner



Added Monkey, Can be tamed and can be given TOOLS and ARMORS

  • Biomes & Dimensions:

fixed deserted palms Tree spawn contidions on the biome


  • Structures:

fixed generation and loot bugs

  • Items & Tools & Blocks :

added LOOT BAGS (3 tiers)

fixed loopable portals (orange/blue portal)

added Auto Miner

Have anyone got an additional idea or a bug report or anything like that?