Devine Worlds -(REOPENED)

Published by Philup on Sat, 08/03/2019 - 10:03
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This Is a Mod That Adds Features I Would Like To Add
Im Open To Suggestions And Feedback But Suggestions Wont Always Be Added I Will Try To Credit You If I Got The Idea From You ( I Might Forget To Credit Tell Me If I Forget Plz )
Alpha 1.0(1.12)
-Added Colored Planks / Recipe
-Added Bleach(Not Drinkable) / Recipe
-Added Stonecutter / Recipe
-Added Brimstone And Cobbled Brimstone
Alpha 1.2(1.12)
-Added Mossy Cobbled Brimstone / Recipe
-Added Slab And Stair Frames For Stonecutter / Recipe
-Changed Stonecutter GUI To Use Frames And Not Bedrock
-Added Glowing Obsidian / Recipe
-Added Mossy And Normal Compressed Cobblestone / Recipe
-Added Aquafinal Grass And Dirt
-Added Cyan Poppy
Alpha 1.3(1.12)
-Added All The Bark Block Types/Recipe
-Added Plate Armor / Recipe
-Changed Name Of Aquafinal Grass/Dirt To Blue Oats Grass/Dirt
-Changed Gui Of The Stonecutter
-Changed Icon Of The DevineWorlds Creative Tab
-Added Stone Pillars/Recipe
-Changed Recipe Of Stonecutter To Match The Old PE Recipe
-Fixed Uneven Slab Frame Texture
Beta 1.0(1.14)


-Remade The Mod In a New Workspace

- Topaz (Decoration Item) Item And Blocks Added

-Added Stripped Fences And Stairs

-Added Quartz Enforced Iron

-Stonecutter PE Is Now Just For Decoration

-All Textures Updated

-Many Small Ajustments


Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Please  Report Any Bugs So I May Fix them In The Next Update Or Later If I Can 


I Place This Here And Not In The Description Because I Wanted The Font Size Feature For The Changelog Which Only Works In The Description I Will Always Put The Changelog At The Bottom Of The Page If I Can

Good mod :D
PS: the stonecutter no longer is a old Pocket Edition block because it was added in 1.14 :)