[JaTM #1] The Blightrot Mod

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Here it is, finally a good use of rotten flesh that sits for your chests forever. It can be a decorative or just a storage block. The normal and reinforced variants generate in nether, so you could get much rotten flesh to trade with villagers (or eat if needed).

Thanks to Niknokinater for idea and textures! I just made the mod for him.

PS: JaTM means Just a Tiny Mod, it's a series of mods suggested on reddit or other media that just add some tiny things to minecraft instead of super large system of things. The mods won't get updates unless a bugfix.

Modification files
The Blightrot Mod v.1.0.jar - just a download file35.9 KB

1.0 -


The textures are disgusting, so I can see them working very well in a lot of builds that really need that sort of thing.

There aren't enough disgusting textures in Minecraft.