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This mod adds a more ores, tools and items to mc,

the new blocks:

_____________________TITANIUM ORE______________

Titanium ore is the first ore in the mod, and  is very
 tough, if you are playing version 1.3 or under
than it is the only material that can be used
to make armor

____________________COPPER ORE_________________

You will find this everywhere, it is a white block 
with brown-orange bits in it, used to makeCopper fence
and copper rods


w-BN a.k.a wurzite boron nitride, is tougher than 
diamond, however in real life it is only 14-18% 
tougher than diamond, but in ores++ it is like 
lonsdaleite (56-58% tougher)


Topaz cannot be used for much, but it is kinda 


When mined, geodes give you topaz and redstone 

__________________URANIUM ORE__________________

Uranium ore is radioactive, mining it takes away 
1 health and gives you nausea and glowing, however
 it can be used for a uranium sword

_________________MOLTEN ENDSTONE_______________

In the end, you can find molten endstone, holding 
wheat in your hand while swimming in it gives you 
an advancement

________________TIN ORE________________________

Tin ore is silvery and can be used for making 
bronze and tools

_______________ALUMINIUM (ALUMINUM)____________

Aluminium/aluminum can be used for crafting drill s
and TNT Launchers

_____________JET ORE___________________________

Smooth jet ore, find 2 and craft a katana

_____________SALT ORE__________________________

Can be found in two forms: An ore or a salt
grain block. Blocks give you NINE salt and 
can be crafted, Ores give you TWO and is
 uncraftable, salt can be used for food

______COBALT BLOCK____________________________

Cobalt blocks  give you cobalt, that can be 
used for tools

__________PALLADIUM ORE______________________

Only found at the very bottom of the world
(In bedrock area)

___________RUBY ORE_________________________
Ruby ore is trying to be exactly the same as
the minecraft unreleased ones, currently
no tools

___________________SILVER ORE______________
Silver ore looks a bit like wood, used to make

_______________ZINC ORE___________________
Zinc can be used to make tools and can be
alloyed with copper to make brass

_____________SODIUM ORE__________________
[1.14.4 only]No current use


The new tools:

______________TITANIUM PICKAXE________________

Titanium pickaxe is the best and can be crafted

_______________COPPER PICKAXE_________________

as you expect, it is a copper pickaxe and 
wares out fast


Instantly mines cacti, bricks, anvils and

___________GOLD BROADSWORD_________________

Better than diamond sword, made with rich 

________BRONZE TOOLS_______________________

simple bronze tools better than iron

_________TIN TOOLS________________________

simple tin tools


Speedy fast drill, made with aluminium

Other Items:

___________ARC FURNACE_______________________

An arc furnace can smelt iron into steel, right
 click on it to see the gui, hold iron to smelt 
it in to steel


Store items with hoppers using the drawer, place 
a hopper on the top and it will go into the
 drawer, and place a hopper at the bottom for
it to release its content 

btw in the crafting recipe the books are ingotGold and you can use 
any wood

________RICH CLUSTERS_______________________

Flood the crafting table with gold blocks and you 
can get a rich cluster, use it to make the 

_____POTION OF CALMING_______________________

Uncraftable, calms you down


Bronze can be crafted using tin and copper and 
steel can be made using the arc furnace and
brass can be crafted using zinc and copper

________PEARL ORNAMENT_____________________

The only use of pearls, good for decorating 
your world


Oyster do not much, when killed they drop 
a pearl and sometimes an ender pearl

____ROBOTIC COWS_________________________

Robotic cows are your friends, they attack 
creepers, zombies, and skeletons, they have 
130-150hp and fire command blocks, to 
get one they must be crafted


barely any use


Craft a portable oil rig and get oil

_____MINING LEVEL___________________

The blue text in the top corner is mining level

_______DIAMOND INGOT________________

Smelt diamond to get diamond ingots to 
make an oil rig

_____TITANIUM DAGGER_____________

Best in the game +25 attack damage

____END CRYSTAL TOOLS___________

End crystal tools that have 1000


____PIRATE SWORD________________

Made with steel better than diamond

__JET KATANA___________________

The only use of jet, kind of 
a sword

____________PALLADIUM TOOLS____

Almost as good as diamond, 
crafted with palladium ingots

_____________PALLADIUM INGOTS__

Fresh smelted palladium ore


Please check your language to

the diffrence between fries and

chips, also applies to the
Colo/u/rmatic (UK/US)

The foods in this mod are:
Salty chips/fries

Chicken sausages

Pork sausages

_COBALT TOOLS__________________

Cobalt tools, one of the best 
early-game tools (Cobalt is
 uncommon, but not rare)

Cotton can be got from cotton
plants, put one in the grid
to get cotton, which can be
used to make clothes

Clothes can be crafted from
cotton there is a hat, 
a shirt, leggings and shoes

Scrap has no use and it
is crafted by placing iron 
next to dirt in the table,
idk why i added it

________JET MATTOCK______
The pickaxe of the jet tools,
Similar to stone pickaxe

Used to make the CPU, obtained
by holding quartz in your hand
and then opening the Arc
Furnace GUI and pressing
the quartz in your main hand
for it to work, same as steel

Surround a piece of silicon
with /g/o/l/d/ to make
a CPU and place aluminium
next to glass pane to make
a HardDrive and then place
the CPU and HardDrive next
to each other in the craft
table to make the PC, right
click to open the DESKTOP

The command /pack opens
the pack store, buy a
pack to get ores, the
update pack is VERY
helpful, getting it
gives you gives you
all the new ores in
the update, so you
dont have to create a
new world to get
new ores! only 2 packs
per day

Cardboard can be used to make
boxes... Thats it.

Hematite is used for nothing
and it ore is called kidney

Got from mica schist, used
to make Picks and Hoes, also
used to make mica rod

_______ELEMENT 207_____
Actually the 207th thing
in the mod, it is like an
cloud in the end, but you
can stand on it, Unmineable,
even in creative mode

[1.12.2 only]
This book tells you everything
in the game, even more than
this description, includes
how to find ores and is
very cheap

Enchantable tools are tools
that dont do much normaly,
but can be enchanted to make
the best tool ever

Just Deco =¬)


Project members
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Ores++ (1.4).zip - Ores++ v1.43.15 MB
Ores++ (1.5).zip - Ores++ v1.5 NEW3.27 MB
Ores++ (1.6)(1.12.2).zip - Ores++ v1.6 (1.12.2) NEW3.84 MB
Ores++(1.6)(1.14.4).zip - Ores++ v1.6 (1.14.4) NEW3.87 MB

Version 1.1 

- added end crystal tools

- added pirate sword

- retextured steel

- reduced oysters!


Version 1.2

-oysters are now rare and only spawn in certain biomes instead of all over the place!


Version 1.3 

- added palladium, salt, cobalt and jet ores

- steel can now be used to craft a flint and steel

- retextured dusty mine bush

- added sausages and chips/fries 

- added palladium & cobalt tools


Version 1.4

-added silver and ruby ores

-added packs

-added jet mattock

-added cotton and clothes

-added pc, cpu and hard drive items


Version 1.5

- added hematite and mica ores

- added the first hoe tool

- corrected "worth 9 gold" to "worth 81 gold"

- added Miner's Mountains Biome

- added "element 207" 

- added cardboard boxes

- added rods

- added copper fence


Version 1.6 

- added zinc ore and tools

- added sodium (1.14.4 only)

- added brass and brass statues

- changed mod info in mod options