Plenty of ores

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I added 35 new ores to minecraft and you can make usful stuff out of them

Unfortenetly most of them don't have purpose but it's still fun to look for them in caves

Please rapport every crash cuz I am new here and I don't have much experience in making mods

Adds  over 120 items recipes and blocks


-sulphur ore ---can be used to make torches or gunpowder when combined with saltpeter very common--

-salt ore ----can be used to conserve food---,medium

-saltpeter ore --the same as salt ore ,medium

-copper ore --you can combine it  with tin and get bronze ,common

-tin ore --can make tin plate ,can,common

-zinc ore --you can make battery out of it or make brass combining with copper ,medium

-ruby ore --can be polished ,rare

-saphire ore --rare can be polished

-opal in stone-- rare can be polished

-lead ore-- medium you can make hardened glass out of it

-aluminium ore medium

-uranium ore common you can make uranium generator

-titanium ore rare with silicon can make jheat proof container

-silicon ore--medium can craft heat proof container where in you can smelt ores and you can get twice more comparing to normal furnuance

-silver ore--rare no purpouse

-magnetite ore--quite rare no purpouse

-amethyst geode in stone --common no purpouse 

-lithium ore -medium no purpouse

-cinnabar ore-medium can make quick silver out of it

-oil source -medium can get oil from it

-quartz in stone -medium no purpouse

-and even more...

New version

Added Turquise, carbon  and new glass smelting recipe

New Version

Malachite ore slice raw 

diamond saw


tin plate

Amethyst geode 

Topaz ore raw polished 

Topaz Grid

Added tungsten ore shard 

milky agate slice ore polished

radiation ptoof container


SEP super efficient pickaxe




fluorite ore raw

brass ore ingot 

New version

Bronze set 

More alloys


New recipes for metal melting 

now if u want to smelt them u need to use cast



Modification files
plenty of ores 2.0.jar - Plenty of ores 2.0332.35 KB
Plenty of Ores 1.3.0.jar - Full version501.81 KB

If you have any ideas what ore ,block ore item I can add please leave a comment below

Sorry but I can't update mod any more
Cuz my mcreator is broken
Tekstures are dysapearing !!