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Minecraft Forge mod
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Dawns is a mod that will enhance your Minecraft world by adding new ores, biomes, blocks and- in future updates- mobs! This mod is currently in alpha-testing so feel free to report any bugs as this will greatly help speed up development. The Frost Flinger, Frost Disc and Pyromancer's Staff are all creative-only currently as they are being tested.


The Very Noisy Update adds in the soundtracks to the mod, along with two new minerals: Crystal and Exodium



Made by Lunchbox Studios Games©️

Music composed by Therm0beat


Visit https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL07hg1B95GuLlCnfOFUazoy7HrI8hUb9_ for the Playlist of Dawns Soundtracks

Modification files
Dawns- Alpha 1.1.jar - Dawns- Alpha 1.08.33 MB
Dawns- The Very Noisy Update.jar - Dawns- Alpha 1.1- The Very Noisy Update!11.28 MB
  • Alpha 1.1-  Added soundtrack Growing Up to the Overgrown Forest, added soundtrack Beyond The Ice to the Permafrost/Tundra, added scarySFX, Exodium Gear and Crystal Gear

Hello there!

Just to let you know we will also release a 'lite' version for Bedrock when we get this out of beta